The UN/LOCODE in Port Community Systems

Published on: 4 April 2017
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L’UNLOCODE dans les Cargo Community Systèmes

Christophe Reynaud spoke at the 29th UN/CEFACT forum on 30 March at the Palace of Nations in Geneva. His presentation focused on use of the UN/LOCODE standard in Port Community Systems (PCS).

UN/CEFACT Recommendation no. 16 recommends use of a five-character code system (UN/LOCODE) to represent locations such as ports, airports and inland freight terminals, which are places of receipt and delivery used for goods transport in international trade.

Port Community Systems are increasingly used around the world and need to use a public data framework that is recognised and used internationally so that they speak a universal language and can adapt to any logistics platform. Christophe Reynaud will demonstrate the importance of using this standard in PCSs, taking the example of its use in Ci5, which represents the new generation of Port Community Systems.

UNECE representative announced the upgrade of the LOCODE platform that is today updated every six month. The new platform will be able to provide real-time updated LOCODE.

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