Port de Bordeaux



BIP+. (Bordeaux Informatique Portuaire), UMPB Bordeaux shipping and port union.



The AP+ Port Community System (PCS) in January 2008



  • Become a port of reference with a Port Single Window by combining the Poseidon Port Community System and AP+ Port Community System
  • Use an upgradeable bespoke system
  • Find a development partner that will contribute to port competitiveness



  • 6 port sectors with 2 container terminals spread along the estuary (100 km): Bordeaux, Bassens, Ambès, Blaye, Pauillac and Le Verdon
  • Types of traffic: containers, conventional goods, bulk goods
  • PCS users: shipping agents, freight forwarders, terminal operators, road haulers, port authorities, customs, police


Bring together all project stakeholders

Create an entity to manage the marketing and monitoring of AP+ in Bordeaux: BIP+

Provide change management support: training and telephone assistance, skills transfer to BIP+ employees

Integrate the ship port dues module, goods port dues module and bulk goods management module


Port transit time reduced from 4-5 days to 2-3 days

Real-time information exchange for all terminals

Accurate smooth data exchanges

Productivity gains: paperless declaration procedures, simplified customs procedures, new working and organisational methods

Adaptability: integration of new regulations