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The MGI Innovation Lab

Anchored in MGI’s genes, innovation is the lever that makes the supply chain more fluid through continuous traceability, increased predictability and accelerated exchanges.

Big Data, blockchain, cyber security and artificial intelligence are at the heart of our thinking to offer you the Port Community System and avoid port congestion.

Innovation according to MGI

A culture of innovation
at the service of the Smart Port

A structure to deploy innovative services to port communities and their ecosystems. A real driver of innovation in the field of port logistics, "The Lab" enables the development of new services and facilitates partnerships around innovative projects.


20 years of experience in national and international R&D projects in the area of goods transportation.

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Our Research and Development department integrates new technologies and transforms continuous change into an opportunity: the creation of new products and services to bring you even better performance.

Big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart containers, smart cargo and blockchain are all technologies that we integrate into our innovative processes.

Our goal

To go further and further in the traceability of the goods, to accelerate the flows and to define in a rigorous way the predictability of the goods flows. This will allow you to anticipate the management of your goods and to manage your job as a logistician.

Our approach

In order to target its innovation approach as effectively as possible, MGI has designed an approach based on two pillars: innovation monitoring and partnerships

The innovation watch consists of detecting all the evolutions in the field of technology, regulation and business. When a major evolution occurs in this field, MGI qualifies it and if it is promising, integrates it into its solutions and know-how.

When the exploitation of a new technological resource proves to be complex, MGI resorts to partnerships with research centers or innovative companies in order to save time and improve its skills.

Tailor-made innovations

Discover innovations adapted to your needs

MGI's innovation approach is illustrated by its participation in collaborative projects allowing it to build a new value proposition.



Better sharing, use and enhancement of goods transport information.

4Trax/Smart Container

4Trax/Smart Container

Exchanging port information system data related to the vessel and cargo.



Ensuring the smooth running of container pick-ups and deliveries at container terminals.



Provide better supply chain traceability and management.



Strengthening the logistics chain of the port and logistics hub



PCS interoperability for short sea shipping


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