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Marseille Fos port community

Published on : 06/10/2022

Category : Customer cases

Customer: Marseille Fos port community

Development of ci5

  • Needs assessments and working groups with representatives of all professions
  • Visioning workshops on freight transport with external experts
  • System solution built on an open source, agile and sustainable architecture
  • Developed in partnership with Thales Service using the Agile methodology
  • Hosting and operation on the AWS Cloud
  • Cybersecurity: MGI is certified ISO 27001 for information security management systems

Solution :

  • Ci5, intelligent cargo system.
    Implementation in October 2018.


  • 2 terminals 70 kilometres apart, Marseille and Port St Louis du Rhône
  • Traffic: containers, RO/RO and conventional
  • PCS users: shipping agents, freight forwarders, customs, port authorities, shipowners, road hauliers, inland waterway and rail transporters, terminal operators, shippers, gendarmerie, empty yard managers, veterinary and phytosanitary services, consolidators and deconsolidators and other government authorities

Customer needs

  • Bring the port into the era of smart ports/port of the future in terms of cargo management
  • Implement a new-generation Port Community System integrating innovations linked to big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart containers and be able to connect to all types of information systems
  • Ensure traceability, visibility, predictability, fluidity and security of goods flows for users
  • Increase the attractiveness and performance of the port by providing higher value-added services
  • Use an optimal cargo management tool for migration to a smart port
  • Access to information on goods in real time
  • Use an application that can be managed according to the needs of the users
  • Work with integral, confidential and even more secure data

The Ci5 solution

Why do the largest logistics companies choose Ci5?


  • Developing the solution in a short period of less than 3 years, using the Agile methodology
  • Linking 15 trades
  • Training over 1200 people in 7 weeks


  • Anticipation and planning of operations prior to the arrival/departure of the vessel or means of transport
  • Acceleration of the passage of goods through the port thanks to the Fast Lane: automatic generation of operations through authorisations granted in advance
  • Operational steering of the activity: dashboard, to do list, event center, real-time visualisation of ship loading and unloading for centralised event management. In order not to slow down the transit of goods, alerts are placed on the urgent tasks to be launched and the operations to be prioritised.
  • Tracking of the goods in real time via the following statuses: pre arrival notification, gate in/ gate out, discharge/ load, shipping release, freight forwarder release, customs release
  • User-centric: intuitive input, personalised display, quick search, multilingual
  • Strategic management of the business: customised dashboards, KPIs and statistics



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