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Our vision

In transportation and logistics, performance depends on creating, orchestrating and supporting communities of players around sovereign digital solutions.

Our values


At the heart of our DNA.

Close to our customers

Our cultural proximity allows us to listen effectively to our clients' needs.


Our years of experience within the ecosystem allow us to have an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and to work towards its digitalization.


Reliable and secure products.


Creating the conditions for employees to collaborate effectively and grow together.

At the heart of our DNA.

Our cultural proximity allows us to listen effectively to our clients' needs.

Our years of experience within the ecosystem allow us to have an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and to work towards its digitalization.

Reliable and secure products.

Creating the conditions for employees to collaborate effectively and grow together.

Discover the MGI team

The story of a

Discover the MGI team

The story of a

  • 1985

    The creation of Gyptis

    GYPTIS S.A. was created by the Marseille-Fos port community with the aim of creating a Port Community System to manage the passage of goods through the port. The name is based on the story of Gyptis and Protis in connection with the city of Marseille.

  • 1989

    The Port Community System Protis

    Gyptis implements the Port Community System "Protis" at the Port of Marseille-Fos.

  • 1998

    The creation of Marseille Gyptis International

    Gyptis changes its name to Marseille Gyptis International.

  • 2001

    Creation of SOGYP

    Marseilles and Le Havre; MGI and Soget combine their skills to develop a community information system for freight management. Launch of the creation of the PCS AP+ by SOGYP, a joint subsidiary of MGI and Soget.

  • 2005

    Marseille Fos is equipped with AP+.

    AP+ is established for the first time in the port of Marseille Fos.

  • 2007

    AP+ implantation by MGI

    New AP+ installations by MGI in Fort de France, Martinique, and Bordeaux.

  • 2010

    Implementation of AP+ by MGI

    New implantation of AP+ by MGI in Dégrad des Cannes, French Guyana.

  • 2012

    Implementation of AP+ by MGI

    New implementation of AP+ by MGI in Dunkirk, Sète and Longoni in Mayotte.

  • 2013

    Implementation of AP+ by MGI

    New implantation of AP+ by MGI in Noumea, New Caledonia.

  • 2014

    MGI creates the ARROW cell

    - MGI decides to launch the work to develop the replacement of AP+ (SOGET having launched a few years earlier on the creation of a new system). MGI creates the ARROW cell (Air, Road, Rail, Ocean, Waterways), dedicated to the new generation PCS project.
    - New AP+ installation by MGI in Lyon, at the Port of Lyon Edouard Herriot.

  • 2015

    A meteoric increase in traffic

    - The new system developed by MGI is called Ci5, Cargo intelligence 5. 5 for the 5 continents and also for the 5 means of transport named in the ARROW definition.
    - New implementation of AP+ by MGI in the Breton ports of Brest, Lorient, and Saint Malo.

  • 2018

    Launch of Ci5

    Launch of Ci5 on the port of Marseille Fos.

  • 2019

    The Ci5 application

    Launch of the Ci5 mobile application and deployment of Ci5 in the port of Mayotte and Papeete.

  • 2020

    Deployment of Ci5

    Deployment of Ci5 in the port communities of Dunkirk, Bordeaux and Sète - there is no stopping Ci5!

  • 2021

    Finalization of Ci5

    Ci5 implemented on the port communitites of Fort de France, Dégrad des Cannes and Nouméa.

  • Discover the MGI team

    Strong governance to serve
    a national and european leader

    MGI is committed to conducting its actions with ethics and transparency. The Group's good governance is ensured by several decision-making bodies that ensure a balance of power between the various parties: a Supervisory Board that monitors the proper management of the company by the Executive Board, and an Executive Committee that defines the Group's main orientations.

    • Management Board
    • Supervisory Board
    • Other

    Sarah Boughanmi

    Sales Assistant

    Valentin Visintin


    Aksana Verrando


    Xavier Lassalle


    Denis Liotta


    Alain Mistre

    Permanent Representative of UMF

    Hervé Martel

    Permanent Representative of GPMM

    Stéphane Salvetat

    Permanent Representative of STM

    Gérald Kothe

    Permanent Representative of AACN

    Jacques Nou

    Permanent Representative of SEMFOS

    Eric Brioist

    Permanent Representative of CMAF

    Eric Brioist

    Physical Person

    Fabienne Margail

    Physical person

    Marc Reverchon

    Physical person

    Lucas Visentin

    Community manager

    Nadia Hourri

    Management Controller

    Martine Moucadel

    Customer Account Manager

    Jean-Charles Bernard

    General Accountant

    Adel Guzelian

    Management and Quality Assistant

    Fabien Merlier

    Site Manager

    Rania Moutawafiq

    Site Manager

    Elhadji Kabirou

    Site Manager

    Soraya Zerari

    Site Manager

    Fati Mfoihaya

    Site Manager

    Laurence Santoro

    User Assistant

    Sophie Vo

    User Assistant

    Rochdi Hocini

    User Assistant

    Florian Nadal

    User Assistant

    Sabrina Arienti


    Guillaume Ostermann

    Project Manager

    Jérémy Gauthier

    Test Engineer

    Emilie Bissey

    Test and Validation Manager

    Laurence Veli

    Test and Validation Manager

    Elisabeth Point

    Product owner

    Typhenn Biret

    Product owner

    Fabien Pinel


    Nathan Moncade


    Cédric Pituello


    François Raoul


    Frédéric Blanc


    Corinne Dumas

    EDI Technician

    Anthony Barthel

    EDI Technician

    Nicolas Marsaut

    EDI Technician

    Julien Grandjean

    EDI Manager

    David Blanc-Gras

    Application Support Developer

    David Amram

    Operations Support Manager

    Youcef Nafi

    Innovation Engineer

    Jeanne Bella Nfeng

    Innovation Engineer

    Théo Guedu

    Project Manager

    Julien Ezeh

    Inbound Marketing

    Charlotte Rosa

    Business Developer

    Justine Camoin

    Head of marketing & sales department

    Christophe Reynaud

    Innovation Manager

    Sylvie Lefebvre

    Product and Validation Department Manager

    Angélique Roditis

    Training Manager

    Matthieu Drula

    Head of Publishing Department

    Jean-Louis Paoli

    Operations Department Manager

    Marie Pavesio

    Head of Port Digitalisation Programme

    Fabrine Frestel

    Information Security and Quality Manager

    Aurélien Cohen

    Head of User Support Service

    Véronique Blatgé

    Human Resources Manager

    Catherine Megelas

    Head of Communications

    Alain Perez

    Chief Operating Officer

    Rémi Julien

    Chief Executive Officer

    Béatrice Brun

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Discover our different teams


    MGI : Partner of

    Information security and cyber risks are strategic issues at the heart of MGI's concerns. As a trusted partner to the port, airport and land-based communities, MGI has implemented a certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). The respect of the most demanding international security standards is part of the company's quality and security policy. MGI is ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for excellence in information security management.


    Our latest
    industry recognitions

    Digital Transformation Trophy 2019 with Ci5 in the logistics category

    IAPH IT award, 2017, Ci5 with Neptune Port, best information systems for a smart port

    Port of the Future Trophy 2017 in the Logistics category with Channel5

    Favorite of the Med'INNOVANT Jury, 2017 with Channel5


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