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The Intercor solution

The Intercor (interoperable corridor) project has enabled MGI to demonstrate the interest of integrating port community systems with cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) to ensure the smooth running of container pick-ups and deliveries at container terminals.


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MGI has developed the interfaces between the Ci5 PCS and Neogls' C-ITS solutions so that a road haulier can check en-route and in real time whether the container they are delivering or collecting is known to Ci5 and has the appropriate status. In case of inconsistency, the driver can interact with their operator to resolve the situation before arrival at the port.

  • Real time
  • Interfaces
  • Road hauliers
  • Interoperability
  • CITS
  • Multimodal
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    Intercor: intelligent and cooperative road transport

    Tracking the road route of goods passing through several European countries

    >InterCor demonstrates that it is possible to connect the cooperative intelligent transport corridors (C-ITS) of the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and also the future French route defined in the Scoop@f project.

    Safer mobility for people and goods in Europe

    Informing carriers of the condition of goods at the terminal, or of hazards on the road or at the gates of the destination terminal

    Knowing the status of shipments on their way to operators

    Real-time notification of drivers and logistics platforms

    information available to public or private infrastructure managers

    Customised solutions

    A solution designed for
    road hauliers

    Improving the flow of trade, reducing traffic issues and thus increasing the competitiveness of the sector's professionals.


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    Thanks to the team of functional and technical experts, MGI has developed a wide range of offers in the fields of Port Community Systems, customs and authorities, data intelligence and process automation. More details below.



    Intelligent management of goods flows.

    MGI Connect EDI

    MGI Connect EDI

    Allows easy interfacing of our solutions with professional systems and solutions.



    Enables you to comply with the Import Control System (ICS) regulation.


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