Jeremy GAUTHIER – the talent MGI (december)

Published on: 21 December 2022
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From the little port of Sanary-sur-mer to Business Intelligence 


Jéremy Gauthier is passionate about his job, and tells us about his journey from his childhood in the Var region in south-east France to a career in cutting edge computer technology for shipping. This is a must-read! 


A childhood spent around boats in the Var  

Boats and shipping have always been part of my world. My father was a ship’s carpenter and I spent my childhood on the docks in Sanary-sur-Mer. Then, I went to Luminy where I did a two-year masters in Computer Science. After graduating, I joined service companies ACP and then Thales, with the idea of finding a job with an interesting software publisher. MGI hired me in 2014 for the Ci5 CCS project. Having worked for Monext, which manages train pass management applications for France, and specifically the Paris metro Navigo Pass, moving over to maritime logistics seemed like an obvious next step. 


From analysis to creating IT tools: interests that have made an impact  

I love IT tools, and used to develop programs when I was at university. With MGI, I took my passion further by creating multiple tools to simplify Ci5 operation. And when MGI moved into data analysis, it was natural for me to take part in the development study. I recommended the Qlik solution because it offers the broadest range of options, and my recommendation was approved! 


Busy days  

My first tasks at MGI involved application and corrective maintenance of AP+. Then I was responsible for the final developments on that tool. When Ci5 was launched and rolled out, I joined the development team. I also managed the operation of the application and its production. Since 2021, I’ve been spending most of my time on Da5, our new Business Intelligence tool. I recently developed RobotFramework/Xray, a tool for performing automatic non-regression testing. 


Da5:  a must-have solution that combines, links and analyses data at any stage of the port supply chain 

Qlik Cloud is a real gem, especially if you’re interested in cloud functions. Internally, the subscription and visualisation functions meet PDF document reporting and editing needs for external users. The software also performs database retrieval requests for developers, and this saves them valuable time. 

We have equipped Da5 with market share indicators and traffic monitoring KPIs, both for quantity (TEU/RORO) and quality (port transit time).   

I’m proud of my role in the Da5 project, from the state of the art study to analyses and comparisons with other companies. I also took part in creating its architecture and developing it. Today, I am in charge of application maintenance, operation and user management. 


Win-win learning 

I was really lucky to join MGI’s teams of experts. I have learned a lot from working with them every day. And beyond that, they have been instrumental in helping develop my potential and draw on my interests so that we develop increasingly effective tools to serve port communities.