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Being close to our customers is a top priority at MGI

Published on : 15/12/2022

From Marseille to Dunkirk, Sète, Bordeaux, and overseas, Ci5 is celebrating milestones with MGI delegations and their port contacts


Since its inception in 1985, MGI has been committed to meeting the needs of its customers and partners to facilitate and speed up goods transit. One of the company’s priorities has always been to focus on our relationship with customers.  The close relationship we have established and cultivated over the years with our customers and partners is a real unique strength.  It is with this in mind that MGI’s customer service department has been carrying out several initiatives at this end of year. Meeting with the Port of Sète, BIP+ in Bordeaux, GIP+ in French Guiana and ICM+ in Mayotte via videoconference gave us the opportunity to take stock of the relationship and the service provided since the rollout of the Ci5 Port Community System.


MGI’s customer service department is made up of 15 people who work daily to serve our customers in France and French overseas departments and territories, including 6 area managers.  Their job is to analyse customer needs, listen, provide information, offer the best service, respond quickly and efficiently, create trust, cultivate the relationship and increase the credibility of our company’s products.  In a survey conducted in October 2021, MGI’s close relationship with customers was one of the main qualities that came through, with an overall satisfaction rate of 82.5% for both Ci5 and MGI services.

 To mark 2 years of Ci5 at the port of Sète, Florence Brochard, our Customer Service Manager, and Area Manager Rania Moutawafiq, began this “customer tour”, by going to Sète from 15 to 17 November.  They then went to Bordeaux from 22 to 24 November to meet the teams at BIP+ and the Bordeaux Port Authority to celebrate 2 years of the PCS. The tour ended in the French Overseas Territories, this time with Alain Perez, MGI’s COO, and Area Manager Soraya Zerari, who met the GIP+ teams in French Guiana from 27 to 30 November, using the opportunity to also mark the 1 year anniversary of Ci5.


For New Caledonia, Area Manager Guillaume Ostermann conducted several videoconferences with the port of Noumea, marking the first time the Port used Ci5 to process a ship back on 2 November 2021.


Area Managers Elhadji Kabirou and Soraya Zerari were unable to travel to Mayotte this year due to the current political situation. However, they still marked the 3 year anniversary since the implementation of the PCS at the port in a video conference with ICM+. In March, Elhadji and Soraya will also be celebrating two years of the PCS with the Port+ teams in Martinique.


Area Manager, Fati Mfoihaya, and Florence Brochard, will travel to the Port of Dunkirk in mid-January 2023 for the steering committee meeting with CCSHDF, where they will also celebrate 2 years of Ci5.


Finally, Ci5 will celebrate its four-year anniversary at the port of Papeete in May 2023, while the customer service team continues its activities throughout 2023 to cement its presence across all these port communities and continue working together successfully and effectively.


Florence Brochard, Head of Customer Service: “Customer relationships and satisfaction have been a priority for MGI for many years. Having a close relationship with our customers is part of who we are and our dedicated and dynamic team work hard to maintain this level of service. I am proud to recognise the three divisions that make up MGI’s customer service team (training, hotline and project). Thank you to all our administrative and technical teams who also work day in day out to serve our users. Thank you to our loyal customers and partners, for helping make our system a success in France and overseas.”




As a recognised expert in Port Community Systems (PCS), we innovate to streamline and speed up cargo data exchanges between all private and public stakeholders. Our vision to “Connect supply chains using a smart information system offering smooth door-to-door goods transit and tracking” has guided the development of the Port Community System.

We are ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified, and support ports of the future and logistics

providers in becoming more competitive by implementing our solutions.


Press contact: Catherine Mégélas – Mob: +33 (0) 7 85 93 61 88 – Email: c.megelas@gyptis.fr   



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