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New Caledonia

Port of Nouméa

Published on : 21/11/2022

Category : Customer cases

Customer: GIPANC (New Caledonia Port and Airport IT Management)


  • The Port Community System (PCS) AP+ in 2013

Customer needs

  • Modernise port procedures
  • Unite and adapt the site structure to use a reference system

Port of Nouméa

  • Types of traffic: containers, bulk, moving
  • PCS users: shipping agents, freight forwarders, consolidators/deconsolidators, handlers, road hauliers, port authorities, customs.

Our solutions

Why do the largest logistics companies choose our Port Community System?


  • Creating an entity in charge of the marketing and monitoring of AP+: GIPANC
  • Advising on the creation of the company in charge of marketing and monitoring AP+ in Nouméa
  • Identifying a local provider to provide hosting. The control and maintenance being carried out by MGI remotely from Marseille
  • Accompanying drivers of change, training and hotline, transfer of skills to GIPANC employees.


  • Productivity gains: optimising the transport order process
  • Improving the competitiveness of the port of Nouméa
  • Securing and improving the reliability of information, real-time tracking of goods, a community united by its PCS.



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