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Fort-de-France port and Lamentin airport

Published on : 21/11/2022

Category : Customer cases

Customer: Port +


  • Port community system AP+ in June 2007 and PCS AirPort+ air module in 2011

Fort-de-France port

  • 2 terminals: Pointes des Grives and hydrocarbons
  • Type of traffic: containers, conventional, bulk and transshipment
  • PCS users: shipping agents, freight forwarders, consolidators/unbundlers, handlers, road hauliers, port authorities, customs.

Customer needs

  • Track all goods traffic in the port
  • Create a flow history
  • Reduce port transit time

AP+ and Airport+ solutions

Why choose AP+ and Airport+?


  • Uniting all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Advising on the creation of the company in charge of marketing and monitoring AP+ in Martinique: Port+.
  • Deploying AP+ within 6 months of signing, implemented on 1 June 2007
  • Accompanying the client through the change: training and telephone support, transfer of skills to Port+ employees
  • Developing specific functions for the maritime sector
  • Creating an AirPort+ air module in 2011
  • Reduce goods transit time


  • Reduced goods transit time
  • Traceability of sea and air traffic
  • Financial gains: reduction in administrative processing costs
  • Speed: anticipation of transaction processing
  • Information quality and reliability: computerised transmission of documentation
  • Standardisation of processes: use of a shared system
  • Compatibility with global customs regulations



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