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You must be connected to our Ci5 services to subscribe to the proposed solutions. You can contact our support department for more information: assistance@gyptis.fr.

The solutions are: Da5, Channel 5, MGI Connect.

It depends on the PCS. Ci5 is the most complete PCS available on the market and links 15 different professions (private and public) in transport and logistics.

Our expertise in logistics, business and IT allows us to make a comprehensive assessment of your logistics processes and to propose areas of improvement for increased productivity of operators and global competitiveness of your port, airport or inland hub. Contact us for more information.

A type of business process automation that enables human IT actions to be replicated.

No, the service is included in the Ci5 offer.

The users of this service have an interface that allows them to manage operations for these types of goods for both import and export.

Yes, the training service is Qualiopi certified and costs can therefore be covered.

The training courses can take place in person at MGI’s offices, via the Microsoft Teams application or on site.

MGI training courses take place over one day or half a day depending on the course.

To obtain a quotation adapted to your needs, please contact the training department: formation@gyptis.fr

MGI offers training courses adapted to your profession (agents, freight forwarders, handlers, loaders, hauliers and administration). For more information, please contact the training department: formation@gyptis.fr

MGI PN-TS helps operators as well as competent authorities to follow the evolution of the status of goods at a temporary storage facility (TSI).

The objective is to make the temporary storage declaration upon presentation of the goods so that the customs clearance can be carried out. It is therefore possible to modify or cancel it before the goods arrive.

Yes, but the declaration cannot be validated until the pre-clearance operations are completed and authorised.

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MGI is ISO 27001 certified and its protocols are fully secure.

Yes, this is possible and it is already happening.

If you have any problems using Ci5, contact user support at assistance@gyptis.fr or on +33 (0)4 44 88 00 15.

Ci5 users can take advantage of the stuffing/unstuffing service in Dunkirk, Noumea, Papeete, Fort-de-france, French Guyana and Mayotte.

Ci5 has devised its stuffing and unstuffing services so they work independently. Port operators can use either or both of the functions. If you would like to know how the stuffing/unstuffing service can help you in your business, contact the sales department at sales@gyptis.

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To benefit from the stuffing/unstuffing service, you must be a Ci5 user. If you are not yet a Ci5 customer and you wish to benefit from LOREM IPSUM

Inland5 allows users to track the status of goods once the manifest is integrated into Ci5. By having visibility of the status of goods, carriers can anticipate which goods will leave the terminal for an inland hinterland terminal by one or all three modal transport modes (rail, road, barge). If you would like to take advantage of this service or obtain more information about Inland5, contact the sales department at sales@gyptis.

In order to benefit from Inland5 services, you must be a Ci5 user.

It currently enables tracking of full containers and we are working on the tracking of empty containers and bulk goods.

The hinterland concerns 3 types of land transport modes, also called modal shift: rail, barge and road transport.

The word “hinterland” is of German origin and means “backcountry”. The hinterland is the land extension of the port activity. In other words, it allows the connection between a port and intermodal transport lines (rail, barge, road) that receive or ship goods through the port. The goal of the intermodal hinterland is to expand the economic activity area by facilitating the provision of supplier and shipper supply chains and thereby improving the flow of goods.

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The ICS regulations are a mechanism to protect imports and exports by subjecting them to strict safety and security rules. Their measures aim to secure the trading of goods between countries in the European zone and countries outside the EU zone and keep it running smoothly. For more information go to https://www.douane.gouv.fr/.

The Import Control System, more commonly known as ICS, is the electronic system for managing security declarations for the import of goods into European territories, which has been mandatory since January 1st 2011. All operators (importers of goods, freight forwarders) have to transmit by computerised message (EDI) the entry summary declaration (ENS) of the cargo on the vessel. This rule applies to all foreign (NON-EU) goods entering the EU.

It is possible to connect your private system to MGI’s solutions. In order to do so, please contact our marketing and sales department: sales@gyptis.fr

A Port Community System (PCS) is a computerised plateform which allows the exchange of computerised data between the various private and public transport and logistics operators connected to the port. The Port Community System.

It is up to the port authority of each port equipped with a CCS to define in which system the port fees are calculated.

Port dues tariffs are integrated in Ci5 by the port authority to allow for calculations, but are not available for general consultation. However, it is possible to check them via the vessel declaration.

The vessel declaration must be made by the vessel’s primary agent/consignee for the port of call.

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The port fees are calculated using the information indicated in Ciby the vessel agent or bulk vessel agent. The characteristics of the vessel entered in Ci5 such as the type of vessel, the dimensions of the vessel, the tonnage, the nature of the call, etc. are associated with the tariffs applicable at the port of loading and discharge. The tariff is updated by the port authority every year.

Contact the marketing and sales team: sales@gyptis.fr.


This innovative BI module supports the strategic development of ports and professionals by giving them access to statistics on their commercial and operational activities while respecting the security and confidentiality of the data.

In concrete terms, we use the mass of raw data from CI5, which is extracted, checked, analysed and then returned in an application called “Qlik” in the form of dashboards, maps and graphs. This application is accessible with an Internet connection and processes data that is updated daily.

Da5 enables international trade players to measure and analyse their commercial and operational performance.

Some are familiar with the term, while others are not. Business intelligence (or BI) is the set of technologies and applications that collect, integrate, analyse and present information.
The aim is to promote better business decision-making.

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