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4TRAX: PCS and IoT for secure supply chains

For MGI, the 4TRAX project involved experimenting with the integration into the AP+ Port Community System of data from a solution based on IoT sensors. This consisted of an intelligent patch developed by Traxens and positioned on containers belonging to the company CMA CGM.


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MGI has developed a module that allows communication with the platform centralising the data from the sensors to inform those involved in multimodal containerised transport and the end customer in real time about events linked to the transport of the goods, while providing legal proof thanks to administrative and commercial information. A demo has been set up for the export from Marseille to Algeria of containers of medicines, a sensitive and high-value commodity, with pre-routing by rail. These high value-added goods require a high degree of traceability and a reduced transit time at the port.

  • Real time
  • Sensor
  • Multimodal transport
  • Advice
  • Visibility
  • Advice

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    A multiple-services solution

    A module communicates with the platform centralising the data from the sensors

    The operators of multimodal containerised transport are informed in real time

    The end customer is informed about the events related to the transport of the goods

    Legal evidence is provided through administrative and commercial information.

    Customised solutions

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    Over 20 years of experience in national and international R&D projects in the area of goods transportation. Innovation is at the very core of our DNA. Our Research and Development department integrates new technologies and transforms continuous change into an opportunity: the creation of new products and services to bring you even better performance. Big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart containers, smart cargo and blockchain are all technologies that we integrate into our innovative processes.


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    Thanks to the team of functional and technical experts, MGI has developed a wide range of offers in the fields of Port Community Systems, customs and authorities, data intelligence and process automation. More details below.



    Intelligent management of goods flows.



    Adopt an information channel and decision support system for cargo management.


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