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Published on: 16 October 2019
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Amal Louis, North Africa Line Manager tells us how CI5 was created by users, for users.


CI5 is revolutionising customs by speeding up the process and making it more secure.  See what Bruno Hamon, Director of Customs Services, has to say about it.


Ci5 is connected to the whole port ecosystem, so it reduces CO2 emissions. It’s a big step in the right direction in terms of protecting our environment!  See what Frédéric Dagnet, Director of Evaluation and Foresight Studies for the Marseille-Fos Port Authority, has to say about it.


Ci5 has contributed substantially to the strong growth of Eurofos over the past 5 years. See what Olivier Busselez, IT Director of Portsynergy at Eurofos has to say about it.


Ci5 is the digital cornerstone of French Smart Port in Med, a tool used daily by freight forwarders. See what Stéphane Salvetat, President of the Forwarding Agents federation in Marseille-Fos and its region, has to say about it.


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