Ci5 celebrates one year of success!

Published on: 24 October 2019
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On 18 October 2018, the Marseille-Fos port community switched from AP+ to Ci5 – from a Port Community System to a Cargo Intelligent System. It’s been a success for both the port community and MGI, who designed and operates the service.

MGI has been successfully earning the trust of its customers for over thirty years by marketing Port Community Systems (PCS) Protis and AP+. Today, our customers have seamlessly transitioned to the world of Cargo Intelligent Systems and Ci5.

The Marseille-Fos port community was a trailblazer and the first to adopt Ci5. The port communities of Tahiti, Mayotte, Dunkirk and Fort-de-France have since followed suit. Today, a dozen port communities are ready to join the Ci5 community.

The satisfaction of the 4,200 Ci5 users in Port of Marseille-Fos with the software program can be summed up in the following words:


  • For one shipping company director, “Our line of business is based on planning and Ci5 is a step forward. Knowing the real-time status of our containers has increased our productivity. The interface is also really intuitive and user-centred.”
  • For this customs manager, Ci5 is a game changer: “We can now pinpoint the goods that we’re interested in and let legal flows pass through, which increases the performance of the port community.”
  • For this IT director of a container terminal: “Ci5 connects us to the entire supply chain from machine to machine. It speeds up transit and has contributed to the strong growth of our terminal.”

Click here to view the full testimonies via our Youtube channel


Ci5 is a single window that connects around 15 professions in the shipping industry. It’s a real public-private data partnership between private businesses (ship owners, freight forwarders, terminal operators, shipping agents, shippers, forwarding agents, and importers), and public authorities (customs or veterinary and plant health inspection services), all coordinated by Ci5.

Ci5 has a unique modern design based on open-source technologies. It is scalable and already features the latest technologies, including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobility. Its interface is intuitive, user-friendly and centred on user needs.

For example, with the Ci5 mobile app, drivers can input container and seal numbers right away, as soon as they leave the container yard, significantly reducing the time required to transmit information to prepare for cargo arrival on the loading dock and making port transit smoother and more reliable. The mobile app also records when a transport operator crosses the port gate to calculate the waiting time. This data is crucial in helping optimise drivers’ rounds. The key to these new services is rich and reliable information shared securely in real time by the entire port community.

According to Rémi Julien, the President of MGI’s executive board, “MGI’s roots are in Marseille but it is focused on export and international trade. With its highly innovative solutions and success in France and overseas, its eyes are rightly set on the rest of the world, because most ports around the globe lack IT systems that are as advanced, comprehensive and effective as Ci5.”


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