Rhone Economic Forum,Palais des congrès in Arles, 16 September

Published on: 15 September 2016
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Forum Economique Rhodanien, Palais des congrès d’Arles le 16 septembre

Dominique Lebreton, Audits, Projects and Marketing Director at MGI, will be speaking on “AP+ and Ci5, a competitive advantage for Rhone River ports” at the Forum Economique Rhodanien (Rhone Economic Forum) being held at the Palais des Congrès in Arles on 16 September.

The AP+ PCS connects Marseille-Fos Port and Medlink Ports information systems to provide non-stop goods tracking.

The use of consolidated transport provides shippers with the advantage of simplified customs procedures. The rail/river shipping procedures for ports along the Rhone-Saône route give 45 days to clear goods.
Importers and exporters connected to AP+ can also access real-time status updates for their goods, enabling them to better manage their supply chains.

Door-to-door goods tracking is one of the innovative features of Ci5 and MGI has been working hard so that goods can be tracked right through to their final destination at the shipper’s warehouse.

Dominique is participating in the forum as part of a mission organised by VMF (Via Marseille Fos) to promote the Marseille-Fos Port and develop partnerships between the Rhone and Marseille-Fos Port logistics communities.