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There’s never a dull moment at MGI and that suits him to a tee!

Published on : 27/04/2023

MGI Talent – Elhadji Kabirou

Elhadji Kabirou discusses his twelve years with the company and some of the major milestones in his career and the life of MGI.

After earning a technical diploma (BTS) in Customer Relationship Negotiation in 2008, I worked for a variety of companies as an office-based and travelling salesman. After a few years, I wanted to settle in a single company longer term, and what better for a Marseille-born man like myself than to join this local company founded in 1985 – the year of my birth. So, in 2012, I joined the MGI User Support department

and have been continuously growing my skills for almost twelve years now. After one year as a User Assistant, I became Assistant Project Manager for the Martinique (PORT+) and French Guiana (GIP+) port communities.  Then, in 2017, I was offered the job of Area Manager for the French overseas territories, working in those two communities and also Mayotte (ICM+).

My tasks now involve managing projects linked to our Ci5 port community system and AirPort+ for our customers in the French overseas territories.  I have worked with Soraya Zerari for almost two years. We are the main contacts for our partners, and even sometimes for their direct customers.

We ensure MGI’s quality of service, taking into account feedback from users and our local organisations, while also organising and managing customs committees, steering committees and executive committees.  We are also responsible for following up on any anomalies and upgrades to Ci5, while also keeping up with port news. The projects are varied and I learn something new every day. There’s never a dull moment at MGI and that suits me to a tee!

I especially appreciate the close relationship with our customers, and I keep in touch with them daily by email or over the phone. Our partners also appreciate this customer focus. In fact, we are in Fort-de-France today to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the launch of Ci5 with our customers.  This celebration shows the longevity of our partnership with our customer Port+, while also demonstrating its pioneering spirit as the first port in the French overseas territories to have adopted the AP+ port community system (Ci5’s predecessor) in 2007 and Airport+ in 2011.

MGI is an innovative family business, open to remote working, which gives me the best quality of life and the perfect work-life balance, with the best possible working conditions.



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