Presentation of Ci5 at the B’Lading Club

Published on: 11 March 2016
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Présentation de Ci5 au B’Lading Club

On Thursday 25 February, Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, and Dominique Lebreton, Audits, Projects and Marketing Director at MGI, presented Ci5 at the monthly meeting of the B’Lading Club.

Alain Maliverney, Head of the Rhône region for Logirhone and Chair of B’Lading, introduced the dinner discussion on the new Ci5 (Cargo intelligence 5) software package, which is set to replace AP+.The number “5” represents both the 5 modes of transport and the 5 continents.

A keynote address highlighted the key innovative principles behind Ci5 – Business Intelligence, Activity Monitoring, a Fast Lane, Interoperability and User-centric Design.

Participants were pleasantly surprised by the development of their community information system to include more innovative and high-performance software with all the latest technologies.

Marseille-Fos port will be the first port community to switch over to Ci5 in 2017.

The B’Lading Club has over 50 members.The association is primarily made up of shipping and forwarding agents, but also includes representatives from associated professions such as expert assessment, insurance and road haulage.The Club provides an opportunity for its members to discuss issues around port, transport and logistics industries with input from visiting speakers.