Port of Marseille Fos keeps on flowing

Published on: 29 June 2016
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Le Port de Marseille Fos irrémédiablement fluideUMF - AG 15 juin 2016 - Mucem - Marseille

Jaap van den Hoogen, President of MGI’s executive board
The Annual General Meeting of the Marseille-Fos Maritime & River Federation (UMF) was held on 15 June 2016 at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) in Marseille, bringing together the key stakeholders in the port community. In the current industrial relations climate in France, Jean-Philippe Salducci, UMF President, was pleased to report that “with the exception of oil and gas activities, where there were several consecutive days of stoppage, the port of Marseille-Fos kept on flowing and remains the most streamlined in France.”

Marseille Fos port needs to be connected to the sea, inland logistics and its cargos, in order to compete with Northern European ports. Political lobbying activities in favour of the port community need to be continued in order to open up land routes for goods transport, to facilitate shipping and enhance the fluidity of operations, while ensuring cargo security and traceability.

The President of the UMF also told the meeting of progress in a project led by the port community, to have a Marseille-Fos/Geneva connection included in the European North Sea/Mediterranean rail corridor. This will be the first step in creating a rail shuttle service between France’s leading port and Western Switzerland.

Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, made a presentation on the development of Ci5, the new Port Community System that will replace AP+ in 2017. “A smart system for smart supply chains,” said Jaap van den Hoogen. “MGI’s vision is to track and trace cargo from door to door.” “MGI is a leading Marseille-based provider of logistics-focused IT services, offering innovative information system solutions that can be shared by the whole supply chain – a real advantage for the port community,” he added.

Ci5 will go further in the precision of goods tracking and further along the supply chain. It will also help speed up cargo flows in logistics hubs – ports, airports or land-based hubs. The innovations on offer will generate productivity and competitiveness gains, and Marseille Fos port will be the first to benefit!

“A connected port, team-work and unity between all stakeholders in the port community will help Marseille Fos to climb the rankings of major European ports.” concluded Jean-Philippe Salducci.