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Published on: 16 October 2019
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By Dominique Lebreton, Chief Business Development Officer at MGI


For over thirty years, MGI has been building strong partnerships with thirteen port and airport communities. The company supplies two of the three main French shipping ports: Marseille-Fos and Dunkirk.


Why choose Ci5?

The Cargo Intelligent System Ci5 was designed to meet the expectations of private professionals and public authorities (customs, port authority, veterinary and plant health services) for smooth, secure and traceable goods flows.

It operates as a single window system, optimising, combining, automating, orchestrating and securing the processes of private and public entities in a port or airport community, connecting up all the parties in the supply chain to manage information exchanges and goods flows. It works in both big ports with significant flows and small ports, and can handle all types of cargo (container, conventional, bulk, ro-ro trucks).

Ci5 and you

The major feature of Ci5, and all previous MGI systems, is the input of customers throughout the software’s life cycle. Requests for modifications from port communities are key in upgrading the system.

For example, the Bordeaux, Brest, Lorient and Saint-Malo communities were behind the development of the Bulk module; the Dunkirk community triggered design of the Groupage module; the Transport Order module was developed thanks to Nouméa; the idea of a Port Operator Clearance Confirmation was born in Mayotte; and users in Fort de France (Martinique)  opened us up to the world of air transport.

MGI has always placed its users at the heart of its work. This is now called user-centred design. The words we use may change, but the keys to customer satisfaction remain the same.


One year after Ci5 deployment in Marseille, other MGI customers have now joined the Cargo Intelligent System Ci5 community:

  • Mainland France:
    • Bordeaux, Dunkirk, Sète, ports in Brittany (Brest Lorient and Saint-Malo), the Medlink Ports hubs (Arles, Avignon-Le Pontet, Valence, Vienne-Sud, Lyon, Villefranche-sur-Saône, Mâcon, Chalon-sur-Saône, Pagny)
  • Overseas France:
    • Martinique (Fort-de-France, Pointe-de-Grives),  Mayotte (Longoni, Dzaoudzi), New Caledonia (Nouméa)

The deployment programme is very busy!

Ci5 opens you up to digital opportunities

Digital technologies are vital to facilitate a country’s foreign trade. Ci5 offers an opportunity to connect all logistics players to the digital world. The MGI teams are here to support the digital transition of port communities and help France enter the Smart Port era.

Surf the Ci5 wave with us!


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