NOSCIFEL presented at SITL

Published on: 10 March 2017
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NOSCIFEL présenté à la SITL

Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI will be speaking at the SITL conference on the NOSCIFEL project, “Smart connector for freight and logistics”, on 15 March 2017 at 4:15pm in the Workshop room, meeting 2. The project outputs in scheduling, traceability and CO2 calculation services for companies in the sector will be presented.

NOSCIFEL offers the following:

Conversion of EDI messages to meet international standards and end-to-end management of EDI transactions, including translation, conversion, transcoding, routing, monitoring and archiving
An appointment system that prevents transport operators having to wait on the docks
Consolidation and break bulk functionalities.
A service that brings together and consolidates the various goods reference systems Christophe Reynaud will be speaking alongside:
Geoloc system,
The French Ministry for Transport,
Imprimerie Nationale,

The functionalities developed through NOSCIFEL R&D work will be integrated into the Ci5 Port Community System, which is under development and will replace AP+.

The NOSCIFEL project provides solutions to the growing interoperability needs of businesses and administrative bodies involved in port services and operations.