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Published on: 14 April 2021
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Dear readers,

The latest from the French Caribbean is that the Fort-de-France port community, a long-standing MGI client, has become the 7th port community to join the Ci5 club! The project has been brilliantly managed, and includes some new features as always, including a new data analysis module. More on this soon…

At the same time, SOGET and MGI have been putting their heads together. Our France PCS consortium is developing projects focused exclusively on developing French logistics competitiveness and efficiency. There is still much to be done, from identifying silos, to analysing, connecting, organising and more. Dominique Lebreton, Executive Director of the consortium, tells us all about it.

And things are changing at MGI. We have implemented a new way of working! No more silos – we’re getting connected and reorganising ourselves for 99% remote working, with a priority focus on service quality, innovation and cybersecurity. Our new Information Systems Security Officer tells us about her job.

Also in Marseille, read about the latest Smart Port developments from Christophe Reynaud, along with some new ideas and projects that you’ll hear more about.. But that will be for our next edition!


Stay healthy, stay connected!

Rémi Julien


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