National Working Group on AP+ development

Published on: 13 February 2015
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Un GTN pour l’évolution d’AP+

SOGYP, a subsidiary of MGI and SOGET, has created a National Working Group in collaboration with AUTF and the French Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes (DGDDI) to optimise import and export logistics processes across the French network.

The National Working Group was launched on Wednesday 11 February in the offices of the DGDDI in Paris. Roughly 40 participants attended the meeting, which included representatives from freight forwarders, shipping agents, and shippers, as well as port authority and customs officials from France’s two largest ports,Marseille and Le Havre.

Effective management of import and export processes is key to ensuring that French ports remain competitive. Workshops will be held to take a closer look at improvements that need to be made across France, with a special focus on two aspects:

Optimising export processes to increase the reliability of data (e.g. container weights, seals) input in AP+,
Adapting the AP+ French Port Community System to the new European Customs Code that will take effect in 2016.

Workshops with port entities from Marseille and Le Havre (shippers, freight forwarders, shipping agents, terminal operators, carriers, and port authority and customs representatives) have already been organised for March and will be hosted by SOGYP, a subsidiary of MGI and SOGET.

The final report will be presented for approval in May 2015 in Paris, in the presence of the various port entities.

Workshops in the 2nd half of the year will focus on adapting the PCS to the new European Customs Code.

This is yet another fine example of the Public and Private sectors working together to adapt foreign trade processes to new international regulations and related tools so that French ports remain competitive.