MGI works together to give back!

Published on: 11 February 2021
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MGI works together to give back!

From 28 September to 14 December 2020, MGI’s teams all took part in a Mão Boa challenge (Mão Boa is a startup which uses an online platform to help companies bring their staff together to work on social impact projects). The goal was to get as many points as possible and then convert them into donations for 4 different non-profits: SOS Méditerranée, Planète Mer, Marseille Provence Afrique Coopération and Apprenti D’auteuil. Over the 12-week challenge, MGI teams had to engage in various environmentally and socially responsible activities such as using locally-sourced products and taking public transport.  Our staff all worked hard for each of the causes and over €2,500 in donations were raised at the end of the challenge.

Mão Boa randomly put together five MGI teams, which was great for fostering relationships and team spirit in the current period of remote working.  “We launched the #proudtoimpact programme to help our employees stay connected with each other while engaging in projects that make a difference. Mão Boa provided an excellent way of raising CSR awareness within our company and bringing our 55 employees together. One really positive aspect of the experience were the random groups formed by Mão Boa, which reversed the silo effect and fostered cross-cutting dialogue across our organisation.” Annabel Bourdelles – HR Manager

The non-profits involved in the challenge:

  • SOS Méditerranéeis a European maritime-humanitarian organisation for saving lives at sea. Its goal is to save people in distress in the Central Mediterranean, the world’s most deadly migration route.
  • Planète Mer is a non-profit of general interest. Its mission is to work together to develop a sustainable balance between marine life and human activities.
  • Marseille Provence Afrique Coopération is an NGO based in Marseille which works on drinking water projects in countries in the Global South.
  • Apprenti d’Auteuil is a foundation that supports over 30,000 young people and 6,000 vulnerable families.

Beyond developing relationships within our teams and raising awareness about CSR issues, MGI is proud to have supported these causes which are close to its heart and in line with the company’s values. “It was an amazing adventure with some wonderful encounters. Mão Boa successfully challenged us, helped us better understand current environmental issues via the daily activities, and refreshed our sense of team spirit even with remote working due to the current health crisis. We were also able to provide real support to SOS Méditerranée, who are doing amazing work. And Hippolyte’s logbook was brilliant. I wish Mao Boa every success as they keep working to awaken our collective conscience and develop individual engagement.Yasmine Lasalle – User Support Manager

This is just the beginning for our teams.


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