MGI presents AirPort+ to IPCSA

Published on: 24 March 2017
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MGI présente la mise en place d’AirPort+ à l’IPCSA

Dominique Lebreton, MGI Audits, Projects and Marketing Director, presented AirPort+ to IPCSA (International Port Community Systems Association) on 8 March at an IPCSA members’ meeting in Barcelona.

AirPort+ was first deployed in May 2011 at Aimé Césaire airport in Martinique. The Martinique logistics community was already using the AP+ Port Community System, and expressed the desire to be able to track all goods across the island, regardless of whether they were carried by sea, air or land transport.

Airport processes were audited and the AirPort+ module was produced, providing a number of benefits to the community, including:

uniform processes for airport flows following process optimisation,
the same goods processing approach as AP+, taking into account the specific nature of air transport,
ability to manage transfers between air and shipping customs temporary storage facilities,
connection between AP+ and M-customs, MGI’s Import Control System and Export Control System solution.

Using AirPort+ has reduced administrative processing costs and made it possible to get ahead with administrative, customs and logistics operations.

150 companies and over 300 individuals now use AirPort+ in Martinique and in French Guiana, where it was deployed in 2014.

AirPort+ incorporates the recommendations of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) e-freight project. The system complies with Cargo IMP standards and is compatible with international customs regulations.

The next IPCSA members’ meeting will be held in Brussels in October 2017.

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