MGI opens an innovation laboratory

Published on: 16 October 2019
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By Christophe Reynaud,  Innovation Manager




Accelerating change

The world of international trade and logistics is constantly innovating, and MGI is too. Both are constantly on the look-out for signs of upcoming technological, regulatory or organisational changes that would influence their activity and practices. This is why MGI is strengthening its innovation hub, as its in-house skills will not be enough to anticipate all the consequences of digital and environmental transitions quickly and precisely enough. The solution is to build a network of external resources, which is why MGI has launched its innovation lab.

Fostering innovation throughout the ecosystem

The lab will support the drive for innovation and shared progress at MGI and among its external partners. Innovative solutions for transport and logistics professionals will be developed by working together.

Mobilising skills and talent

The group will draw on MGI’s historic and recognised know-how in teamwork. The lab will be a place both for medium-term cooperation projects and for one-off win-win and quick-win initiatives.

It will host Marseille port professionals, who are longstanding partners of MGI, along with application developers, academic researchers and student groups. “It will aim to cover a broad range of disciplines, in order to be fast-moving and well-focused, explains Christophe Reynaud, Innovations Manager at MGI.

Promoting innovation from the Marseille-Fos port community

This hub will promote innovations locally, with Smart Port in Med, and regionally along the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône transit route. It will also promote solutions nationally with the integration of smart transport systems, and internationally by contributing to updates to the WCO or UN/CEFACT frameworks of standards.


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