MGI: opening its doors for our youth

Published on: 10 February 2022
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Whether it’s in communications, HR, publishing or sales, MGI is focused on getting our youth into the workforce

For Marseille Gyptis International, a company that facilitates and speeds up information exchanges between all private and public stakeholders , work placement contracts are precious tools for helping young people gain an initial professional experience while pursuing their studies.  The company offers students the opportunity to gain a successful and enjoyable learning experience in direct contact with the reality of the working world, at its offices in the Joliette district of Marseille. Students bring their knowledge, a breath of fresh air and energy that the staff always value.


This year, the company is hosting four work-study students, in HR, IT development, sales and communications. Ilona Ardisson, a student in her second year of a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, has joined the team of Annabel Bourdelles, who manages the department. In the Communications Department, Mélanie Blaise, in her second year of a Master’s degree in Marketing Influence and Digital Communications, is working alongside Catherine Mégélas, Head of Corporate and internal communications. Sarah Boughanmi, a student in her first year of the BUT Sales Techniques Bachelor’s course, has joined the Sales Department, working under Justine Camoin, head of the department. And finally, Fabien Pinel, who is working on his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, is working on the publishing side of things under Jean-Louis, head of the Operations Department.


Work-study programmes: projects for the future!


MGI is not new to the advantages of hiring students on work-study contracts. Théo Guedu, currently a project manager in the Innovation Department, started out as a work-study student at MGI. In March 2018, he joined the Customer Support team while working on this professional degree in Shipping Management and Law.  Two years later, after finishing his schooling and completing an internship with the Innovation team, Théo is still working alongside Christophe Reynaud, Head of Innovation.


There are many reasons why these students are interested in work-study programmes. They want to improve their training, gain professional experience, put what they’ve learned in school into practice and discover the realities of the working world at the start of their professional careers.


MGI has given me the chance to keep learning,” says Human Resources Assistant, Ilona Ardisson.  “Right from the start, the guidance I was given came with trust, real learning and responsibility. Thanks to MGI, I’ve gained new skills. I’m thrilled to have grown working with you!”


For me, the primary goal of the work-study programme was to quickly become independent and get a foot in the door of the working world,” explains Mélanie Blaise, Communications Assistant. “MGI enabled me to continue my Master’s in Communications training. I also broadened my skills. I’ve learned a lot and I’m grateful to MGI for this enriching experience!” 


I’m the youngest at MGI, but I’m still considered a full member of the company,” says Sales Assistant, Sarah Boughanmi. “I’m on a work-study programme in the Sales Department and I’m really enjoying it. When I finished high school, I didn’t know anything about import-export or life at a company, but I have been helped and guided with kindness and patience all along the way. Professionalism, courtesy and self-confidence are the main things that I’ve been taught to integrate at MGI.”


I joined MGI in late November 2021,” explains software developer Fabien Pinel. “It’s been a new experience for me as I’m in my first year of the work-study programme.  I was warmly welcomed, and my first few days involved getting to know each department. I quickly realised that MGI was going to be pivotal in helping me gain new skills throughout my IT training.”


There are always opportunities to join the MGI team.  For more information or to send us a CV, nothing could be easier! Contact the HR Department:  Annabel Bourdelles and Ilona Ardisson ( or .  They will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.