MGI meets “Data Dock” requirements for its training activities

Published on: 11 August 2017
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MGI, organisme de formation répond aux exigences du Data Dock

MGI is an approved training provider (accreditation no. 93.13.15403.13) and recently completed the Data Dock process on 22 June 2017.

From 1 July 2017, all professional training bodies in France must be registered on the Data Dock platform if they want their training courses to receive funding.

All training provided by MGI, on AP+ and Ci5 in particular, can be financed by the relevant funding bodies such as OPCALIA, OPCA Transport and AGEFOS*.

The Data Dock listing requires the funding bodies to audit professional training providers to verify the quality of the training provided. Since the French Act dated 5 March 2014, this audit has become a precondition of any training funding.

MGI has been registered as training provider in France and its overseas territories since 1993 and every year trains nearly 400 people from logistics industries and public authorities and students from specialist transport and logistics training providers  like AFT-IFTIM, ITIP, AFPA and GPMM Institute.

For further information on MGI’s training services, please contact Angélique Roditis (+33 4 91 14 12 40 / or Sabrina Arienti (+33 4 91 14 41 93 /

* Professional training in France is financed by a variety of specialist funding bodies overseen by the trade unions and employers bodies

**Data Dock is a data warehouse used by the funding bodies to verify that training comply with statutory training quality requirements. Once they are registered on Data Dock, training bodies have to provide evidence for 21 indicators defined by the funding organisations, in order to meet 6 criteria. Once documents have been checked, the training bodies become eligible for funding. The funding organisations can then choose to list these training bodies in their reference catalogues.