MGI further increases data security

Published on: 13 June 2017
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MGI renforce la sécurité de ses données

MGI – first French Port Community System provider to receive ISO 27001 certification

MGI has reached a new stage in its development by obtaining ISO 27001 certification, an international standard that recognises excellent data security management.

After the Gold IT Award from IAPH* in May for the Smart Port 2.0** project, ISO 27001 further strengthens MGI’s position on the Port Community Systems (PCS)*** market.

ISO 27001 certification was achieved under AFNOR, an international certifying body, and covers all aspects of development, design, hosting and implementation of MGI solutions, including innovation, R&D and all customer support activities such as audits, consulting and training. Certification assures our customers that we are able to control and prevent all data security risks associated with the solutions and services we provide.

Information security and cyber risks are strategic issues that are part of MGI’s core business. As a trusted partner of port, airport and inland logistics communities, MGI needed to implement a certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). Compliance with the highest international security standards is part of the company’s quality and security policy.

For MGI, this certification is the result of analysis and a very structured continuous improvement approach that aims to strengthen the governance, reliability and performance of its processes. It demonstrates the top-level protection offered by MGI solutions and services, and particularly Ci5, the Port Community System which will replace AP+ in early 2018.

Jaap Van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, agrees: “This certification makes MGI the service provider of choice for ports and logistics communities looking for innovative, reliable and secure solutions. It also demonstrates the motivation and commitment of our teams, who have successfully developed Ci5, the flagship for a new generation of Port Community Systems, and the certification process.”

Certification gives MGI the tools it needs to stand out even more clearly in a market where data security, integrity and confidentiality are becoming key criteria in the choice of an information system provider.

*International Association of Ports and Harbors
**Smart Port 2.0: Ci5 for goods management and Neptune Port, Marseille-Fos port software for ship management.
*** Port Community System (PCS): good management information systems for port, airport and inland logistics communities.