MGI and Marseille-Fos Port win the Digital Transformation Award with Ci5

Published on: 14 March 2019
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On 13 March, MGI and the Marseille-Fos Port Authority (GPMM) received the award in the logistics category at the Digital Transformation Awards in Paris for the implementation of Ci5, MGI’s new-generation Port Community System (PCS)*.

These awards are organised by Solutions Numériques magazine to honour companies who have used digital technologies to reinvent and transform their organisations. Two years after Ci5 (MGI) and Neptune Port (GPMM) received the Gold IT Award at the IAPH World Ports Conference in Indonesia, Ci5 has received top honours once again.

The solution was deployed at Marseille-Fos Port last October. Some 4,600 port community users from around fifteen professions connected to the Port Community System have been the first to test Ci5 before roll-out to other ports in France and across the world.  

“We are honoured to have received the Digital Transformation Award. It is a testament to the success of Ci5. Digitalisation has been part of MGI’s DNA for over thirty years. Ci5 is the latest generation of PCS and its innovative technology is helping transform ports into smart ports. Its launch at Marseille-Fos Port is the culmination of collaboration between our partner, Thales Services, the system’s users and MGI experts. It is a shared success that is ushering port clients into a more connected, streamlined and secure era,” said Jaap van den Hoogen, President of MGI’s executive board.

Ci5 is an essential part of the Marseille-Fos port ecosystem, providing users with greater operational efficiency thanks to new innovations integrated into the PCS. For example, activities can be managed through the Dashboard, the To Do List with prioritised tasks, by tracking ship loading and unloading operations, predictive text, and a built-in quick search engine. The Fast Lane concept speeds up administrative, physical and regulatory goods processing. Ci5 also provides secure data flows and end-to-end goods tracking throughout the entire supply chain.

On the advice of MGI’s development partner, Thales Services, Ci5 is based on open source technologies and a service-oriented architecture to take advantage of innovations like big data, IoT, smart containers and artificial intelligence. The solution was designed in collaboration with users, according to the Agile Method, so that it could be developed and deployed quickly.

Ci5 saves users significant time, speeds up goods transit times and improves the port community’s competitiveness. MGI is therefore one of the leading professionals in the French Smart Port in Med initiative launched jointly by the Marseille-Fos Port Authority, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Aix-Marseille University to increase the port’s economic, environmental and digital performance.

This multi-stakeholder Smart Port project has several components:  brain port community (research and training), open innovation (on-going Smart Port Challenge), certification of smart port projects, smart port data, smart port digital demonstration projects, and investments in smart infrastructure (digital, logistics, environmental solutions). By integrating Ci5, the French Smart Port in Med is improving the digital building block for the smart management of goods throughout the supply chain.

*Single window for managing goods flows, which compiles information, automates processes, and coordinates and secures the activities of public and private stakeholders in port, airport or inland logistics communities.