Logistics challenge: smooth goods flows require a Cargo Community System

Published on: 16 April 2019
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Jaap van den Hoogen, President of MGI's Executive Board.

Dear readers,

Ci5 is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that helps us to increase productivity.” That is the kind of feedback we’re getting and that you can read in the Focus on article.

Six months after Ci5 arrived in Marseille-Fos Port, we asked users for their opinion on the new Cargo Community System (CCS). Shipping agents, freight forwarders, terminal operators and road haulers are full of praise for the system.

Customs, a long-term active partner of MGI, also gave us feedback, as did Marseille-Fos Port. This is a close collaboration between the public and private sectors targeting the same objective: applying regulations while streamlining goods traffic and continually increasing the attractiveness of our port community.

The feedback confirms the Digital Transformation Award awarded to MGI and Marseille-Fos Port for Ci5 in March, its second prize after the Gold IT Award in 2017. And then there was the Port of the Future Trophy in 2017 for Channel 5. These awards speak volumes about the innovative character of our solutions and the port and logistics communities that adopt them, contributing to even smoother goods flows and performance for users.

And Ci5 continues to develop. The mobile version is currently being finalised and will soon be available for all users via the App Store and Google Play. Blockchain is also central to our company’s innovations. MGI is currently working on a number of Blockchain projects including the pilot demonstrator for freight transport on the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône (MeRS) route led by the Interministerial Delegation (lien hypertexte). Ci5 will be the first CCS to test and integrate this technology. MGI continues to work with its clients and partners to stay ahead of the game.

Another major subject in the headlines of this edition is Brexit. Our client CCS Hauts-de-France is directly affected by the UK leaving the EU. We interview the Chairman of this organisation, Jean-Charles Le Gall, who approached MGI to carry out a study on cross-Channel Ro-Ro flows in 2018. You can read about in the Calling in at section.

Also in this edition, find out how important it is to detect data errors as quickly as possible.  Transit can be immediately affected by a bad container number or incorrect weight value. Spotting this vulnerable information as early as possible is becoming an essential factor in supply chain competitiveness. Christophe Reynaud, Head of Innovation, tells all as part of the European project SELIS (Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space) in which MGI is involved, and which is entering the pilot phase on the Shortsea route between France and Tunisia for Ro-Ro.

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Jaap van den Hoogen