Published on: 26 January 2016
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Dominique Lebreton, Audits, Projects and Marketing Director at MGI and Monica Bonvalet, Commercial Director for Marseille-Fos Port Authority.

On 21 January, Dominique Lebreton, MGI Audits, Projects and Marketing Director, spoke on the topic of goods tracking via the AP+ and Ci5 Port Community Systems at the 17th Seafreight Conference organised by the Swiss Shippers’ Council in Interlaken.

The AP+ and Ci5 Port Community Systems provide shippers with a tool for tracking their import goods as soon as they arrive at Marseille-Fos port,giving them access to goods status information.They can find out when they have been unloaded, received customs clearance and left the shipping terminal and inland terminal for transfer to Switzerland,helping them to improve supply chain planning.

For export goods, shippers can enter the seal number, container number and total gross weight.They then receive information on the date the ship departs Marseille-Fos port.

Dominique attended as a member of the Via Marseille Fos delegation presenting the advantages of Marseille-Fos port for Swiss companies with goods transiting via the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.Via Marseille Fos was represented by Monica Bonvalet, Commercial Director for Marseille-Fos Port Authority (GPMM).The conference was attended by 200 people from around the world.