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Published on: 22 January 2020
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Rémi JULIEN, président of MGI executive board

Dear readers,


I would like to start the year by paying tribute to the exceptional work of my predecessor, Jaap van den Hoogen, who helped MGI to grow and successfully market Ci5, the most advanced next-generation Cargo Community System. Thank you, Jaap! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Since joining the company, my top priority has, of course, been to continue to ensure that our clients are receiving an excellent service so that they have smooth-running and profitable supply chains. We listen to their feedback and are continuing to invest heavily in optimising and enhancing Ci5.

In 2020, at least 7 new port communities from mainland and overseas France and internationally will join the Ci5 club. They can count on the commitment of myself and all staff at MGI for a successful deployment of which we can all be proud.

Our innovations will also lead to the launch of new services in 2020. Our artificial intelligence engines will provide brand new decision-making tools for port logistics and our mobile applications will speed up integration with road transport. New data analysis tools will help our customers to continue to improve the management of their activities and boost their economic performance. Rolling out our web services will enable many of our partners to offer services within the digitalised logistics ecosystem both nationally and internationally.

Ci5 must remain the reference Cargo Community System for cybersecurity. Our blockchain technology already allows us to ensure the integrity and veracity of the most sensitive data. In 2020, we will be renewing our ISO 27001 certification and will ensure compliance with the strictest national and international standards.

Finally, MGI will be fully invested in creating a national logistics and regulatory tools platform, as announced in December 2019 in the new French port strategy, linked to the creation of France Logistique in January 2020.

I am proud and delighted to have taken over executive management of MGI last October. Its governance and community purpose in both the private and public sector was decided 35 years ago, but has never been as modern or relevant as in the 2020 economy.

I wish you all an excellent, fruitful 2020 and in case you haven’t seen it already, here is our holiday card!


Rémi Julien



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