Da5: The MGI Business Intelligence solution !

Published on: 7 June 2022
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Launch of the new Ci5 Port Community System module for combining, linking and analysing port supply chain data 

 MGI has developed the brand new Da5 (Data Analytics 5) module and integrated it into its Ci5 Port Community System in order to meet the needs of community administrators, port authorities, shipping agents and freight forwarders.  This new tool has been designed using the Qlik Sense® Business Intelligence (BI) tool and uses the wealth of data in Ci5 to help all parties working in international trade measure and analyse their commercial and operational performance.


Da5 covers import, export and transhipment goods to serve as a strategic and operational decision-making tool offering access to:

  • Traffic statistics (containers, Ro-Ro, conventional, bulk) to monitor and analyse market changes.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the administrative and physical status of goods to assess how smoothly goods are transiting through the port.
  • For shipping agents and freight forwarders: reporting on their market share so that they can track commercial performance and compare their KPIs with the average performance in the community


Users of this new module will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Queries with a range of filters (traffic type, search by port, country or geographical region, for one or more product categories, etc.)
  • Statistics by date for a customisable period, with a graphic, dynamic and instantaneous presentation.
  • Access to recent data: daily data warehouse update
  • Easy use of data: download Excel, PNG or PDF formats

“Da5 is integrated into Ci5 and has been developed with MGI teams as a genuine decision-making tool,” says Marie Pavesio, Manager of the Port Digitalisation Mission. “This new and innovative BI module will support the strategic development of port communities and professionals by giving them access to statistics on their commercial and operational activities, while complying with data security and confidentiality.