Ci5: what our users are saying

Published on: 16 April 2019
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On 16 October 2018, Ci5, the next-generation Cargo Community System (CCS) was deployed for the first time in the Marseille-Fos port community. Since then, around 4,600 users connected to the CCS have made the system their own and are here to tell you about this new, more intuitive, user-friendly and scalable tool that is changing their day-to-day operations through smart goods management. Productivity has already improved and Ci5 performance will increase further thanks to coming changes.

Port de Marseille Fos Frédéric DAGNET, Director of Evaluation and Foresight Studies, Marseille-Fos Port Authority

“The new version of the Ci5 Cargo Community System that MGI has just rolled out has been perfectly integrated thanks to its interoperability with other information systems that the Marseille-Fos Port Authority has just updated for ship calls (Neptune) and dangerous goods (SIMAX). This fully updated digital solution is the digital building block of the French Smart Port in Med programme, co-led by Marseille-Fos Port, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Aix-Marseille University, and supported by the French government and local authorities, with the aim of extending the programme in order to mainstream smart logistics.”

Douane française Bruno HAMON, Director of Economic Action, Regional Customs Office, Marseille

“Developing a Cargo Community System (CCS) of this size in two years is no mean feat. Customs has always worked in partnership with MGI to adapt computer technology to customs regulations and changes. Like any new digital application, Ci5 required significant collaboration during the first month in order to streamline and secure port transit operations. Once this hurdle had been overcome, the innovations integrated into Ci5 offered better goods traceability, which has helped us to improve our control methods. Ci5 is easier to use than the old system and data access has been simplified. MGI is a partner who is willing to listen. Our active collaboration means that the CCS was developed in line with regulatory changes while ensuring smooth port transit.”

Henri TAUDIN, Process Improvement Team manager, Maersk Le Havre

“Compared to the previous system, Ci5’s real advantage is its user-friendliness. All the functionalities required for a shipping agent’s daily operations are highly intuitive, not to mention the considerable effort made on platform design. Working on Ci5 is a more enjoyable experience for our staff as everything has been streamlined! Furthermore, MGI customer services have been on hand to help with our problems and find quick solutions.”


Christophe BERROCHE, Studies & Quality Process Expert, CMA CGM Le Havre

“Ci5 has provided MGI with a decisively modern and scalable technological solution, with interesting possibilities for optimising flow management. Data has been secured through single value entry, thereby avoiding inconsistencies from one screen to another, and statuses are coordinated logically in order to anticipate events rather than simply observe them as in AP+. CMA CGM works with consolidated flows, which required collaboration with MGI teams to adapt, secure and correct some initial functionalities. MGI has been attentive, available and transparent throughout the launch phase, setting up a follow-up team to collect weekly feedback. They have made precise commitments in terms of defining priorities and releasing patches. This collaborative and efficient approach has been highly appreciated by our teams, although some issues are still ongoing. It has been comforting to know that we are all following a shared roadmap. We now have a tool that meets our needs and complies with our operating methods across Marseille and Fos ports. We are looking forward to its deployment across other port communities managed by MGI.”


Gérald KOTHE, Regional Branch Manager, MSC France, Marseille

“After deployment in October 2018, the new Marseille Cargo Community System, Ci5, is now demonstrating the full scope of its functions and features.  MSC France is proud to have been involved in roll-out, and delighted to be able to use a tool with an innovative, user-friendly interface that stands out from the previous system. Ci5 plays a key role in the digital development of ports and allows information to be shared instantaneously and reliably, while maintaining the essential confidentiality requirements of our profession.”

Nicolas Gauthier, CEO Port Synergy – Eurofos, Fos-sur-Mer

« Ci5 launch required an adjustment period and we thank the MGI teams for their availability and quick responses. Their continuous improvement policy led to improved software performance in the last quarter of 2018. As a terminal operator, implementing a Cargo Community System helps anticipate goods volumes for import, export and transhipment thanks to goods status reports. Combined with a TOS, sharing information on events and goods statuses between all stakeholders makes everyone more responsive, with the shared objective of streamlining port transit. Our teams receive less requests for information on goods availability as it can be accessed in real time in Ci5, which saves us time to focus on our core business. With Ci5, MGI has become a key transport and logistics partner in the Marseille-Fos port community. »

Hugues HOUZE DE L’AULNOIT, CEO, Medeurope Terminal and Marseille Manutention, Marseille

“We specialise in containers, Con-Ro and RoRo transport to Mediterranean countries including North Africa, to East and West Africa and the Caribbean. This makes for fast transit times to neighbouring countries and quick turnaround times. We need to continually prepare for and respond quickly to these flows because our terminals have no closing date. After a period for configuring Ci5 and our TOS to work together during launch, the CCS is now working excellently to meet our transport management needs. For example, we can access information on trailers to be loaded ahead of time, and get manifests for each ship. This information means we can optimise the way we position our trailers. The complementarity between our systems and Ci5 boosts productivity and helps us remain competitive for managing this type of traffic in the Mediterranean.”


Bruno TORRENTE, Regional Shipping Director, Rhône-Alpes and South Region, Bolloré Logistics

 “Our teams all agree, Ci5 is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that helps us to increase productivity. Moreover, the coming changes to the system will further boost initial productivity gains.”

Nina VIRAPHONE, Branch Director, Ziegler Marseille

“Program launch was followed by a period of system adjustment. Now that this phase is behind us, we can see how Ci5 is a real step forward for our profession. The software is intuitive, easy-to-use and under constant improvement.”

Transports Lardon Pierre-Jean LARDON, Director, Veauche

We are based near Saint-Étienne around a four hour drive from Marseille-Fos Port. Ci5 is one of the applications we use every morning. Access to information on the availability of our containers or vessel ETA/RTA (Estimated Time of Arrival/Real Time of Arrival) helps us to efficiently plan our rounds. For example, using the Dashboard, we can see whether the ship has docked via the Vessel Tracking function, and can track its loading and unloading operations. We have real-time access to goods statuses, especially “Discharge”, which triggers the driver’s assignment and “Final Release”, meaning that the container can be collected from the port terminal. Ci5 is key to our activity. We couldn’t do without it!”

Jacky Perrenot Élodie GOUVERNET, Operations Manager, Perrenot Fos

“Ci5 has a better, more intuitive design compared to the old system. As road haulers, we consult the information and, even without training, were quickly able to use the application. It saves us time as we have access to all goods statuses, meaning that we can launch collection or delivery operations without losing any time contacting clients to obtain information. Ci5 makes our life easier.”