90% of VGM declarations are made directly in AP+

Published on: 6 October 2016
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90% des VGM sont directement déclarés dans AP+

In September, over 90% of containers loaded in Marseille Fos port came with a VGM declaration made via the AP+ Port Community System.

The AP+ VGM function has enabled professionals to comply with the SOLAS regulation since it came into force on 1 July, by declaring the weight of containers via the VERMAS EDI message, or more recently, in transaction mode. The information is then sent automatically to the parties concerned.

Shippers connected to AP+ can directly declare the VGM via the system or request container weighing on arrival at the terminal. Once the container has been weighed, the information is sent to them and other interested parties in real time.

The transition period which ended on 1 October has been extended to 1 February 2017 by the French General Directorate for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea. This decision was made in order to leave the relevant parties more time to implement the procedures necessary for the VGM to be submitted on arrival of the container at the port terminal at the latest (except in the case of explicit agreement between the shipping company and shipper). The first three months have been a great success – all containers have had their VGM submitted in time.

For more information about the VGM declaration with AP+: www.gyptis.fr