2015 : a year of cohesion

Published on: 26 January 2015
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2015 l’année de la cohésion

rom left to the right : Hervé Balladur , Chair of VMF, Christine Cabau Woerhel, Chair of the GPMM executive board, Jean-Philippe Salducci, President of the UMF, and Thierry Debaille host.
On Tuesday 20 January, Via Marseille Fos (VMF), the Maritime & River Federation (UMF) and the Marseille Port Authority (GPMM) held their New Year’s ceremony at the Terrasses du Port, in Marseille.

Christine Cabau Woerhel, Chair of the GPMM executive board, Jean-Philippe Salducci, President of the UMF, and Hervé Balladur, Chair of VMF, extended their New Year’s wishes to the port community.

Marseille-Fos Port shines as the gateway to southern Europe

Everything is being done to reach the goals of the port’s strategic plan, with investments in rail and other access services. Christine Cabau Woerhel emphasised that 2015 will mark the beginning of a new era for the Marseille Fos-Port that hinges on a new development-focussed strategic plan.

Confidence has returned with 7% more containers in 2014 and a record-breaking 10% increase in Fos, well above the national and European levels. River transport is doing well in Fos with 22% growth on the Rhône-Saône route in 2014.

New in 2015, the import VAT self-assessment implemented on 1 January will encourage importers to transit through French ports.

West docks : Energy transition

“The Marseille Port is, and always will be an oil port” announced Christine Cabau Woerhel.The strategic plan will continue to support traditional oil and petrochemical industries as it prepares for the energy transition. The port has set itself the goal of becoming a major player in new energy sectors, particularly LNG.

Via Marseille Fos continues its promotional activities

The port’s strategic advantage is its geographic location in southern Europe. ” Marseille is a merchant and cargo port. Our number 2 priority in promoting the port is to develop our hinterland.Promotional activities also target international markets, especially in the Mediterranean region. We work to develop closer ties with shippers and consignees by going out and meeting them. We’ve regained their confidence ” underlined Hervé Balladur. Via Marseille Fos will pursue its promotional activities in 2015.

Cruise industry booming in Marseille

Marseille is the 6th largest cruise port in the Mediterranean. Jean-Philippe Salducci explained : ” It won’t be long before Marseille becomes the largest cruise port in the Mediterranean.In 2015, Mourepiane dock will be expanded to safely and better accommodate large cruise ships in the Marseille port.1.6 million passengers are set to stop in the city this year. ”

Christine Cabau Woerhel continued : ” Our docks are equipped with major infrastructure that enables the cruise industry to coexist with the region’s industrial and commercial sectors while sustaining growth.One of the key aspects of our strategic plan is to improve and preserve our industrial and commercial pursuits and accommodate cruise passengers.”

Jean-Philippe Salducci closed the ceremony : ” Each new year marks a new beginning and with that comes new achievements.I hope that you all set your sights boldly on the future with continuing confidence to dispel any apprehensions.I would like 2015 to be a year wherecohesionis at the heart of projects that we all share and work on together. “