The Ci5 Cargo Intelligent System integrates blockchain technology

Published on: 20 June 2019
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The logistics sector is starting to see the benefits of blockchain technology. Blockchain should improve operational performance in this diverse field of multiple players, ensuring the reliability and security of shared information. Ci5, MGI’s latest innovation, offers two blockchain applications, one of which is already on the market.


Using blockchain technology to record goods status transactions in Ci5

Ci5 connects around fifteen logistics players who use it to share and view information on goods transit, especially in port environments. Some information generates releases managed by the system, so that import goods are released for pick-up at the shipping terminal, or loading onto a ship for export.

Working in partnership with Thales Services, MGI is now offering to use blockchain technology to record transactions in Ci5 that generate releases (also referred to as statuses). The goal is for a consortium of system users to be able to act as trusted third parties in order to validate the Shipping Release, Forwarder Release and Customs Release statuses, thereby allowing Ci5 to automatically generate the Final Release, and goods pick-up at a terminal.

Each event that creates a new status is tracked, and cannot be altered or falsified. Through Ci5, blockchain technology adds tracking and security for supply chain events. This blockchain option is available to all clients who want to use it.

End-to-end shipment tracking

What’s the best way of sharing logistics information with shippers and transporters when goods are transiting to a port terminal? This is what the MeRS (Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône) blockchain project is working on. Led by the Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Development of the MeRS Port and Logistics Route, this project is looking to improve the route’s supply chain in order to increase the competitiveness of the Marseille-Fos, Sète and Toulon ports.

In partnership with KeeeX and Buyco, MGI is providing its expertise in connecting logistics professionals and optimising and tracking goods flows via Ci5. The Cargo Intelligent System already has a number of features developed to enable information access and sharing. However, diverse and unstructured data is still being exchanged between shippers and transporters, which affects the performance of inland logistics.

The solution that is currently being trialled with professionals gives shippers and transporters access to physical and administrative status information throughout the goods transport process. This blockchain approach implemented by MGI supplements Ci5’s transactional or EDI services with a hybrid solution that organises exchanges and integrates them into the current processes of future users.

This solution operates with a range of data (status, geographical position, sequence) and documents (delivery slip, CMR, loading report) involved in pre-routing. It improves collaboration between pre-routing players by structuring, optimising and securing their exchanges, with a specific focus on sustainable transport, and especially rail and river transport.

This has all been developed under the umbrella of the MeRS Inter-ministerial mission and the Marseille port authority, with the financial support of the CNR, VNF and Caisse des Dépôts. A system will be available for shippers in September 2019 following testing.”


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