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Quaterly newsletter n°24



Ci5 mobility: soon available in the App Store and Google Play

By Fabrine Frestel, manager of quality and security, oversees the mobility project.

Fabrine Frestel, announces the forthcoming roll-out of the mobile version of Ci5 and explains all its great features. We take a closer look at this new tool and all it has to offer in terms of greater visibility and time savings along the entire port and logistics transit process.

Wishing you a smart and streamlined 2019!


By Jaap Van Den Hoogen,
président of MGI executive board

Dear readers,

It was a challenge, but we did it! Ci5 is now in service at the Marseille-Fos Port. MGI and the entire port community are off to a great start this year. And as Jaap van den Hoogen tells us, it’s set to keep going that way!.

The IAPH Women's Forum

Julien Grandjean

Interview with Justine Camoin, vice-chair Europ of Women's Forum and international business developper at MGI.

Interview with Julien Grandjean software developer and integrator at MGI.


Women in shipping

How can ports make way for women? Justine Camoin has the answer and it involves the Women's Forum. Check it out!

Discreet and essential EDI

Do you know who Julien Grandjean is? He works for you everyday in MGI’s technical department. He tells us about his career, his job and the skills he uses to make your workday easier


MGI wishes you all the best for a smart, streamlined and happy 2019!

Happy 2019! MGI

You can watch and listen ou Greeting card! Just click on the image.

B'Lading club

January 17th , Marseille, MGI and UMF give an overview about the Ci5 roll out at the port of Marseille Fos.


New Year reception

January 22nd, Marseille, Marseille Fos Port, UMF, VMF extend their wishes to the port community.


Marseille fos port

Febuary 4th, Strasbourg, Marseille Fos port and Naviland Cargo presentation to strasbourg port community.

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