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Quaterly newsletter n°23


Data quality boosts cargo flows

By Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI

What does “data quality” mean? How is this relevant to performance within a port community? Christophe Reynaud tells what lies behind the logistics data you use, to help you see what will soon be possible.

Countdown to Ci5 in Marseille-Fos!


By Jaap van den Hoogen,
President of MGI's executive board


In just five days, Ci5 will be finally here! Taking over from AP+, it will open up new possibilities - check out what will change for you. You will also meet compelling road transport representatives, who work at the heart of our logistics processes. Find out more about the career of an MGI colleague and discover the data flows and new services they will soon provide. Enjoy this full-packed newsletter!

The French National Federation of Road Transport

Fabien, all hands on deck for Ci5

Interview with Thierry Grumiaux, Head of the Committee for Transport, International Trade, Customs, Logistics and New Technologies at the French National Federation of Road Transport.

Interview with Fabien Merlier, Area Manager at MGI
By Marie Pavesio Marketing and Communication Manager.

Thierry Grumiaux answers MGI’s questions and describes the incredible transformation of road transport through new information technologies.


Fabien helped many users discover AP+ and he is still teaching them to use Ci5. He looks back over the past fifteen years of working closely with clients and training.


Interview with Jean-Yves Astouin, President of FNTR PACA, and Manager of Provence Astouin.

Jean-Yves Astouin is preparing the way for the future of road transport in the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) region. The challenge affects him on two levels, both as President of the regional branch of the French National Federation of Road Transport (FNTR) and as Manager of a Provence-based company specialised in transport and logistics for wine. He is perfectly poised and ready for progress. Read on to find out why.

Ci5 is coming to marseille-fos!


15 days to go... From 16 October, the port communities of Marseille-Fos and Lyon in the port hinterland will be connecting with the latest technology by installing the next-generation Cargo Community System, Ci5. This will bring the leading French port one step closer to becoming a smart port for managing its goods flows.

Papeete launches smart port transformation with ci5


First commercial success for the Cargo Intelligent System.
The Papeete Port Authority is entering the smart port era with Ci5, a Cargo Intelligent System for goods flow management.

Intercor project

12 October, UK, InterCor project General Assembly.

Marseille Fos Port federation

6,13,20 and 27 November, Marseille, Synergie Portuaire training.


14 November, Morocco. Dominique Lebreton and Justine Camoin will be speaking at "The Technology Trends of Port Community Systems" session during tthe IPCSA Members Meeting.

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