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Published on: 29 September 2020
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By Marie-Hélène Pasquier, UMF General Secretary and Justine Camoin, MGI France Sales Manager


Faced with a drop in business caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the entire community is implementing significant commercial support measures in an immediate response to the current crisis. Beyond that, it sends a message to the port’s clients that reinforces the longer-term attractiveness and performance strategy.


Tangible actions and collective innovations are being implemented around essential themes such as speed, reliability and information, environment, safety and security, new services, facilities, investments and sales development.


Immediate discounts for carriers

At the Marseille-Fos Maritime & River Federation (UMF) Annual general meeting, the UMF and Marseille Port Authority presented the first commercial measures, worth over €6.5 million, to be implemented immediately:


As of 1 September 2020, the following discounts apply to Container, RoRo, international RoPax and Car Carrier shipping:

  • discount on port dues of up to 30% for RoRo, International RoPax and Car Carriers, for three months;
  • discount on port dues of up to 50% for container shipping for four months;
  • additional 50% discount on port dues for container shipping for transhipment operations in Fos for four months.


In addition to these measures, discounts on demurrage charges for immobilised ships apply, as well as a moratorium on penalties under terminal agreements.


There’s something for shippers too

Meanwhile, in 2015, MGI already had shippers in mind from the early development stage of Ci5, with the aim of meeting their needs in terms of traceability, autonomy and tracking, through a module which shares information while protecting data security.

This led to the Ci5 Shipper Menu, which gives importers, exporters and Marseille port users direct access to information on their goods.


Over and above making it possible for shippers to enter information (VGM, container numbers, number of parcels, weight, etc.), the Shipper Menu also interfaces with customs systems and includes Delta notices for all shippers who produce their own customs declarations.

They can also use the module to track all formalities relating to ECS procedures. These features all give shippers even more autonomy in getting their tax receipt for goods leaving the country.


MGI increases its support

Helping shippers better manage their flows helps the whole supply chain. And because in times of crisis, solidarity is even more important, MGI has implemented two measures to support the profession:

  • First, MGI will be waiving sign-up fees for all new shippers who log on to Ci5 for the first time (that’s a discount of € 2,500 excl. VAT). These are one-time sign-up fees that give access to the MGI system and community.
  • More than that, in order to help new shipper clients get to grips with the system, MGI will be giving them their first month’s subscription free (amount based on import/export volumes).


Crises are tipping points, full of risks but brimming with opportunities. MGI continues to be optimistic about the future, and invites you to join us in taking action and innovating. Together, let’s modernise the Marseille-Fos port community, increase its attractiveness and leave Covid behind us stronger than ever!


Find all the measures in the Marseille-Fos pact at


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