Smart manifests for direct access to the fastlane

Published on: 20 June 2019
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By Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI





For the last thirty years, manifests have been submitted electronically to customs officials and treated as lists of goods to be unloaded. MGI technology will let you scan your manifests and turn them into smart documents, using machine learning algorithms used in artificial intelligence. The goal is for logistics players to be able to immediately identify goods that are dangerous or that require specific handling in order to speed up goods transit and enter the Ci5 Fastlane process.

Three applications:

  • risk analysis support: algorithmic processing is applied to essential data such as weight, tare, whether or not there are any seals and if so, how many. It highlights goods presenting problems before they are released. It is also used on inconsistent container or trailer numbers. These controls are useful for shipping agents and freight forwarders, as they enable them to correct information as quickly as possible, preventing transit delays.


  • multimodal loading lists: combining the manifest with other documents such as train or barge loading lists identifies goods that will need to move quickly for import. With this information in advance, the terminal operator and shipping agent can better organise their physical and commercial operations.


  • forecasting goods to be inspected: creating a knowledge base for goods potentially subject to plant health or veterinary inspections, generates a list of containers and trailers. This is useful for freight forwarders, agents, terminal operators, border inspection bodies, and other operators, enabling everyone working with perishable goods to know in advance which goods need to be sent to inspection areas, and improving logistical, commercial and administrative coordination.


This example of data processing applied to the manifest implements the fastlane concept which aims to improve operational planning and automated procedures. The ultimate aim is for goods to transit more quickly through ports.

Smart transport document

MGI can apply the smart manifest principle to any type of document to provide added value for all parties.  This gives supply chain players a multifunctional document without any extra work or changing their processes. Manifests become more than just a customs document, serving as a multimodal operations document, schedule and to do list at a key stage. MGI will be offering this service to Ci5 users and other logistics operators with data from Autumn 2019. Please contact us for more information!


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