Selis is a project funded under the H2020 European Commission call for projects.




Enable stakeholders from different logistics communities to manage their operations in a more efficient, secure and sustainable way, and ensure the integrity and security of their data.



System to improve the sharing, use and optimisation of goods transport information.



  • Promotion of cooperation between international logistics stakeholders through development of a new business model.
  • Common information exchange platform for promoting sustainable and collaborative logistics.
  • Development of pan-European logistics applications focused on new business models and integrated into the shared European space.


  Assessment of the compliance of current port and airport procedures with the standards and practices set out by the World Customs Organization and the European Union.

  Contribution to the development of applications for optimising logistics flows associated with government authorities.


38 members from 13 countries are taking part in the SELIS project, including :

  • IBM
  • Conex
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • DHL
  • APM Terminals
  • Marine Traffic
  • Inlecom systems
  • Marine Tech
  • MGI