NOSCIFEL unveiled at the 2015 Port of the Future Conference

Published on: 17 September 2015
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NOSCIFEL présenté au Port du Futur

Christophe Reynaud, the Innovations Manager at MGI, will speak on the NOSCIFEL project as part of the Port of the Future 5th National Conference, which will take place in Paris from 30 September to 1 October.

NOSCFEL is an R&D project that MGI has been involved in and will be unveiled in the session entitled “The Smart Port”, Thursday 1 October.

NOSCFIEL focuses on three areas :

Data interoperability with the availability of an interoperability test bench that can be used to test feasibility, define and develop EDI interfaces at a lower cost,
Process interoperability, with the design of an application that  will be used to ensure that information systems processes to be interfaced can be easily synchronised.
Service interoperability aims to facilitate data exchange between players in the road transport and logistics industry. Two services are currently in the pilot phase in the Marseille-Fos port: The multi-platform appointment management service and automated electronic document archiving service.

The functionalities of NOSCIFEL will be integrated into Port Community System Ci5, still in its development stages, which will replace AP+.

The NOSCIFEL project provides solutions to the growing interoperability needs of businesses and administrative bodies involved in port services and operations.

The port conference is organised for French and European policy-makers, managers of major global ports, manufacturers, transport service operators and researchers, to discuss the challenges facing ports today and in the future and work together to find solutions.

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