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Published on: 10 October 2018
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Interview with Fabien Merlier, Area Manager at MGI.

Fabien, all hands on deck for Ci5

Your career with MGI

After obtaining a degree in networks and space telecommunication, I joined MGI in 2003 in the User Support department. In 2005, I helped provide training for the migration from Protis to AP+. For seven years, I worked on AP+ support and training. At the same time, I became assistant project manager for AP+ in the Mayotte port community.

In 2010, I was promoted and appointed head of the support department, where I supervise a team of seven. We handle calls from AP+ users in the port communities that use it, directly for Marseille-Fos and Bordeaux, and in a support capacity for our clients using AP+ in France or overseas.

I became product manager for the development of Ci5, the new MGI CCS, designing application modules, in particular the Dangerous Goods and VGM (Verified Gross Mass) modules. The Dangerous Goods module is specifically designed for the Marseille port community, and we have been working with the Marseille-Fos Port Authority, which uses the Simax system for the management of high-risk cargo. I also conduct tests on Ci5.

Permanent growth

I have been working at MGI for fifteen years now and I appreciate the variety of my job. While working in support, I helped users, but also carried out many other tasks that gave me a solid understanding of logistics, and extended my skills base. I was also fortunate enough to experience a three-month placement in one of our freight forwarder client’s companies. This directly exposed me to client needs and constraints, showing me that what may appear to be a small problem for us, can land the client in serious hot water.

I also worked as assistant project manager in the French overseas departments and territories where AP+ was installed. This was a rewarding experience that helped me understand the specifics of each port community. We have a special relationship with each client and we treat them like partners. Our solutions therefore develop in tune with their professional needs and requirements, which, in turn, expands our own skills.

Ci5: ready to launch

Roll-out of Ci5 in the Marseille-Fos port community is a major event for MGI and we have been working on this ambitious project since 2015, with our team of fully committed employees. We started training on 3 September and by the time this comes to a close on 23 October, we will have trained over 1,200 users on the Marseille, Fos and Le Havre sites. I’m one of the trainers, which has taken me full circle back to the start of my career! I will then provide direct assistance within our clients’ companies to support our users through the launch period. Marseille-Fos is the first port to switch to Ci5. 2019 will be another important step as all ports working with MGI will join the Ci5 community. There is a lot of work ahead. It’s all hands on deck, and we’re ready!


By Marie Pavesio Marketing and Communication Manager.

This post was written by Sandie Hili


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