• Needs identified and working groups formed with representatives of all professions
  • Cargo transport visioning workshops with external experts
  • System solution built on future-proof, agile and open-source architecture
  • Developed in partnership with Thales Service using the AGILE method
  • Hosted and operated by AWS Cloud
  • Cybersecurity: MGI has ISO 27001 certification for the management of information system security



The Marseille-Fos port community used Protis software from 1989 to 2005, and AP+ from 2005 to 2018, both of which were developed and operated by MGI.



Marseille-Fos port community



Ci5, Cargo intelligent system. Installation in October 2018



  • Make the port a smart port / port of the future in terms of cargo management
  • Implement a next-generation Port Community System that integrates innovations, including Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Container technologies and that can connect to any type of information system
  • Make goods flows traceable, visible, predictable, smooth and secure for users
  • Make the port community more attractive and improve performance by providing services with high added value
  • Use an optimal cargo management tool for transition towards a Smart Port
  • Access real-time information on cargo
  • Use an application with administration that adapts to user needs
  • Work with reliable, confidential and even more secure data



  • 2 terminals 70 kilometres apart: Marseille and Fos
  • Traffic: container, RORO and conventional
  • PCS users: shipping agents, freight forwarders, customs, port authorities, shipping companies, road, river and rail carriers, terminal operators, shippers, police, empty container managers, plant health and veterinary services, consolidators/deconsolidators and other government authorities.



Developing the solution over a short period of less than 3 years, using the AGILE method

Connecting 15 trades

Training over 1,200 people in 6 weeks skills transfer to BIP+ employees

Training over 1,200 people in 6 weeks


Forward planning of operations before the arrival/departure of the ship of other means of transport

Faster goods transit thanks to Fast Lane: automatic generation of operations using authorisations granted in advance

Operational management: dashboard, to do list, event centre, real-time view of ship loading and unloading for centralised events management and notifications of urgent tasks and priority operations to prevent a slowdown in goods transit.

Real-time goods tracking via statuses: pre-arrival notification, gate in/ gate out, discharge/ load, shipping release, freight forwarder release, customs release

User-centric: intuitive data entry, customised display, quick search, multiple languages

Strategic operations management: customised dashboards, KPIs and statistics