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Published on: 26 June 2018
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Jaap van den Hoogen, président du directoire de MGI.Jaap van den Hoogen, président du directoire de MGI.

Dear readers,

The whole world may have been swept up in a football frenzy this summer, but we’re here to talk about the cloud. Cloud computing has been riding high over the last few years. According to a 2017 McKinsey study titled “Learning from leaders in cloud infrastructure adoption”, by 2020, eighty per cent of business applications will be in the cloud. Digital companies that have existed for less than ten years automatically opt for cloud computing and no longer manage data centres. The cloud offers numerous advantages, the two most important being that it allows solutions to be brought to market quicker, and it improves the reliability of the application, with fast and consistent response times for users. In 2015, MGI chose cloud computing to develop Ci5, the leading light of the new generation of Cargo Community Systems (CCS). Like the FIFA World Cup teams, MGI is driven by achieving high goals, as we push ourselves to the limits and give our very best to win first prize. It took less than three years to create the system and the Marseille-Fos port community will begin using it in September. Our partner, Thalès, chose the system as a reference for the design and development of a native cloud application, with Ci5 presented at the Amazon Web Services Summit in Paris on 19 June.

To find out more about Ci5 and the cloud, follow Jean-Louis Paoli, MGI’s Network Manager. In the Focus on section, he delves into the fascinating world of DevOps, Dockers and Container processes. In another fascinating article in Expert Opinion, Pierre Cariou, a professor in maritime and port economy, explores digitalisation and how it drives maritime trade. Finally, in the Innovation section, Christophe Reynaud, Head of Innovation at MGI, explains how the merging of smart transport systems and CCSs facilitates inland logistics management.

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Enjoy the read!

Jaap van den Hoogen


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