Henri-Vincent Amouroux, one of the Bordeaux port community’s most active figures, retires

Published on: 20 June 2018
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After more than twenty-six years service in the Bordeaux port community as the Secretary General of the Union Maritime et Portuaire de Bordeaux (Maritime and Portuary Federation of Bordeaux, UMPB), Henri-Vincent Amouroux has retired. At the UMPB’s General Meeting on 30 May, he thanked over 70 colleagues, presidents, elected officials and partners.

An innovative shipping trade organisation – 10 years of AP+ in Bordeaux

This year, the AP+ Port Community System (PCS) is celebrating its tenth anniversary within the Bordeaux port community. The PCS is part of POSEIDON+ (Plate-forme Opérationnelle de Systèmes d’Échanges Informatisés de DONnées), a joint project providing a single port window, launched in 2007 at the initiative of the Port of Bordeaux and the regional customs authority. AP+ was rolled out in early 2008, bringing together all stakeholders to digitalise and improve information flows and streamline goods traffic. POSEIDON+ is the only information exchange system of its kind in France. With Vigie, a built-in ship port call management system, and the customs information system, the platform is setting the UMPB on the road to IT technology innovation.

Henri-Vincent Amouroux, Director of the UMPB and then BIP+, the local organisation responsible for marketing and monitoring AP+ with users, was instrumental in implementing the PCS. AP+ has used feedback from professionals to incorporate local specificities, such as the creation of the bulk management module and ship and goods port dues modules, producing a dynamic and innovative system. Over the years, MGI’s partnership with BIP+ has thrived thanks to the trust and involvement of Henri-Vincent in promoting port IT technology. Dominique Lebreton, Director of Development at MGI and Florence Brochard, Head of France and the Overseas Departments and Territories, were at the General Meeting and paid tribute to the work of HV in a speech. “MGI would like to thank you here, in front of the Bordeaux port community, for your support and trust on the implementation of digitalised port processes technology with AP+. It has been ten years of hard work, but today you have friends in Marseille.”

On 28 January 2015, Henri-Vincent received a certificate of merit from the Secretary General of the WCO, Kunio Mikuriya, for his dedication and outstanding contribution to the international customs community.


From law to the shipping sector
Henri-Vincent Amouroux was born in Périgueux near the canal and inland waterway port that generated 180,000 tonnes of traffic with the port of Bordeaux at the end of the 19th century. He was not supposed to end up in the shipping world, even though he had been well-exposed to it. Henri-Vincent studied law in 1966, which led to a position with the Automobile Club as head of the legal department.

In 1991 he changed course, joining the Bordeaux Maritime and Port Federation, which was undergoing major changes in port operation with the 9 June 1992 law amending work regulations in maritime ports.

In a calmer climate, Henri-Vincent and three other associates founded the Club Maritime et Portuaire in 1998, which became the Union Maritime et Portuaire de Bordeaux in 2004. The Union supports maritime activities and fosters the port’s economic development by considering the interests of different trades.

In 2004, Henri-Vincent’s involvement in the shipping world led him to join the French Navy’s civilian reserve corps with the rank of Frigate Captain.

After 22 years at the head of UMPB and 10 years as director of BIP+, Henri-Vincent Amouroux, is handing over the reins to Maud Guillerme, who has worked in the economic development of logistics and port sites, and in mass retail and the auto industry.

MGI would like to extend a warm welcome to Maud Guillerme and share our commitment to continue in the work of her predecessor, Henri-Vincent.”

Henri-Vincent Amouroux may be leaving the Union Maritime, but he will continue keeping an eye on the port community as part of the Gironde section of the French Federation of Maritime Merit and the Bordeaux Museum of Maritime History.


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