Gold IT award for Mgi and Marseille Fos Port

Published on: 12 May 2017
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From the left to the right : Frédéric Dagnet, director of strategy and audit department of the Marseille Fos Port,Justine Camoin, international business developper at MGI and vice chair of the IAPH Women's Forum,Dominique Lebreton, audit, project and marketing director at MGI.

Neptune Port and Ci5 awarded best Smart Port information systems

MGI and Marseille Fos Port won the highest award in the IT category at the 30th IAPH* World Ports Conference held in Indonesia from 7 to 12 May 2017.

One thousand participants including representatives from ports around the world and logistics operators attended the awards ceremony where MGI and Marseille Fos Port were recognised for their “Smart Port 2.0” project using the complementary and interoperable information systems, Neptune Port and Ci5.

The IAPH represents 180 ports and 140 port industry businesses in 90 countries. The IT Award recognises the most innovative solutions for port digitalisation. Among the 12 internationally recognised competitors, the Neptune/Ci5 duo was honoured for engaging the whole Marseille port community in the implementation of Neptune Port for ship management and Ci5 for goods management.

Neptune Port and Ci5 for a smart port

Neptune Port is the comprehensive synchronisation tool for all port logistics, an integrated system for smoothly managing the full range of port activities (cruises, ferries, Ro-Ro, containers, bulk freight, etc.) while taking into account the specific characteristics of Marseille or Fos ports.

The system allows the 700 or so players involved in shipping, working in 15 different sectors across the port, to perform their logistics operations in a synchronised manner.  It also provides real-time information on the position of vessels, including barges, with their location and administrative and logistics details.

Neptune Port is designed for seamless communication with external systems such as VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management Information System), Ci5 (Port Community System) and a range of other communication interfaces for the private systems of port community professionals.

The Port Single Window has been integrated into the solution in full compliance with European Directive 2010/65, so that European Union ports can use paperless procedures for their administrative formalities.

Ci5 (Cargo intelligence 5, where 5 stands for the five modes of transport and the five continents) is the new generation of Port Community System set to replace its predecessor, AP+.  This revolutionary solution is based on five innovative principles that give ports a real competitive edge: Business Intelligence, Activity Monitoring, Fast Lane, Interoperability and User Experience.

Ci5 goes way beyond what Port and Port Community Systems were able to offer in the past. New technologies associated with developments such as Big Data, IoT, smart containers, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used to develop brand new functionalities that will extend goods traceability in both the upstream and downstream supply chain, and provide better operational and strategic management for users. This means that Ci5 will speed up flows and increase port performance.

Dominique Lebreton, MGI Audits, Projects and Marketing Director says “This international award recognises the impressive work done by the Marseille port community under the Smart Port project. Ci5 is the first Port Community System in the world to include artificial intelligence and machine learning (predictive analysis algorithms) technologies which will provide extremely precise arrival time estimates for lorries at port gates. In fact, we like to say that Ci5 is much more than a Port Community System. It is a Cargo intelligent System that serves the port community.  Ci5 is the essential tool for increasing the competiveness of ports and meets their requirements for smooth operations, tracking, reliability and security, thereby increasing supply chain efficiency. It is also an essential building block of the Smart Port certification.”

For Christine Cabau Woehrel, President of the Marseille Port Authority Executive Board, “Neptune Port is at the heart of our information system. It connects the private systems of all professionals working in the port, generates reliable information, facilitates the smooth transit of goods through the port, and increases productivity.  This system enables us to fully accomplish our role of facilitating goods flows, which gives our clients and users a real competitive edge.”

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