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Published on: 21 June 2018
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Jean-Louis Paoli, responsable production chez MGI

Faster and more secure computing with the cloud

What do you know about DevOps, Docker and Container processes? They are the latest widely used computing technologies that will become the standard of tomorrow.  To get the best out of them, we use cloud computing, which has become common practice thanks to applications offered by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, the Big Four tech companies.

MGI’s new generation Cargo Community System, Ci5, was developed with the architectures that have contributed to the success of the Big Four. These architectures have the advantage of helping companies bring their solutions to market much quicker and application development based on DevOps processes.

So what is DevOps? Everyone talks about it but who understands it? It is an approach based on the agile method. With this approach, department managers and development teams involved in the development of the solution collaborate to offer continuous delivery of software. It unifies the development of applications (Dev) and their operation (Ops).  This means that market opportunities can be seized more quickly and client feedback is taken into account much faster.

Simple words and cutting edge concepts. Docker and Container are familiar terms in the shipping sector. In IT, they refer to technology that has revolutionised cloud computing and application architectures. The software package creates virtual containers that load executable applications onto any computer. The advantage of these containers is that they are lightweight and facilitate the continuous delivery of applications. The functionalities of Ci5 are based on this technology. For example, the tracking function, which provides the real-time status of goods, is spread across a number of containers designed to provide this service. This is better for both developers and users, who enjoy faster response times that remain continuous as Ci5 adjusts computing power in line with demand.

Faster and more secure. MGI chose AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary, to host Ci5. It offers comprehensive and highly innovative services such as image and character recognition, which could be used for new developments concerning terminal operator reservations when goods are received.  AWS also has a highly secure software architecture that uses encryption. Certificates are exchanged to authenticate the user’s identity for each transaction. The end user does not see these exchanges and simply benefits from a highly secure solution.

Essential technology. In short, cloud computing speeds up response times and allows software to be designed and delivered to the client more quickly. As a result, Ci5 was developed in half the time of its predecessor, AP+. Combined with DevOps and Docker technology, cloud computing has become a highly appealing and essential tool.


By Jean-Louis Paoli, production manager at MGI.

This post was written by Sandie Hili


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