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Published on: 15 January 2019
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Ci5, soon available in the App Store and Google Play

“I’m able to verify and change the status of my goods no matter where I am and speed up transit!” . This will soon be your daily reality. Freight forwarders, shipping companies and agents, terminal operators, customs officials and road haulers will soon be able to enjoy the functions of Ci5, MGI’s new generation Cargo Community System (CCS) They’ll especially have access to Tracking, which uses statuses to show the progress of goods being imported and exported throughout the entire port process, all on one screen. Pre-arrival notification, Discharge, Gate in, Release Order, Forwarder Release, Customs Release, Final Release, Gate out, Load* will be displayed in just a few taps. Freight forwarders will be able to validate or block the Forwarder Release right from their smartphones and customs officials will be able to do the same with the Customs Release. Shipping companies, agents, forwarders, haulers, dispatchers and drivers will all be able to download the Release order and present it to terminal officials to pick up goods. The To do list of priority tasks will also be available. Freemium access to the mobile app will be available for free download from the Google Play or the App Store. It’s a huge leap forward in the field of CCSs.

Road haulers actively involved in the information system
With Ci5, road haulers currently consult the status of goods and then schedule the pick-up and delivery of containers based on information that can be viewed in the CCS. With the mobile version of Ci5, they’ll be more active as they’ll be able to automatically input the container reference, size and tare weight associated with a Booking by simply taking a photo as soon as the container is recovered from the empty container depot. This major advance uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. When containers are stuffed by the shipper, the carrier will be able to use the same function to enter the seal number. The customs inspector will be able to do the same after an inspection. This information will be automatically uploaded to Ci5 and will benefit all logistics players as it will provide even earlier tracking in the supply chain and better flow security.

Haulers also play a major role in pre- and post-goods transport as the time it takes to deliver or pick up containers to and from the terminal can vary depending on whether any problems are encountered. With the integrated port community GPS, Ci5 mobile users will be able to assess waiting times in a designated area and report road incidents. They’ll also be able to get information on the port terminal via the webcam located at the Gate and receive alerts and weather updates. This will all provide greater flexibility to adapt their rounds if problems come up and allow them to optimise their operating costs.

And that’s not all since other features are still being developed. The mobility project started in late 2017 when workshops with users from all professions and regular meetings with the French National Federation of Road Transport were organised across France to identify their needs and come up with strategies.

 Ci5 mobility is being developed in partnership with mobility expert Altran using the Agile SCRUM method**.

The app is currently being tested by pilot haulers including VMTRANS, Transports Charlon, Lardon, Perrenot Transport and Astouin Provence. Ci5 mobility will be available later in 2019.

By Fabrine Frestel, manager of quality and security, oversees the mobility project at MGI.

*Pre-arrival notification: issued to announce the arrival of goods
Discharge: when goods are unloaded from the ship
Gate in-Gate out: when goods enter or leave the terminal or customs warehouse
Release Order: delivery order
Forwarder Release: release issued to the forwarder:
Customs release: clearance issued by customs
Final Release: final clearance for goods to be loaded on a ship or leave the terminal.
Load: goods are reported as having been loaded onto the ship

**Agile software development project management method. It places the client and its product at the centre, with updates based on feedback every two or three weeks for immediate corrections and to avoid the tunnel effect.


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